25 thoughts on “Aries of Chaos Men did audition at Sean Cody

  1. Dear Sean Cody: Y’all missed the fuck out! Your loss, Bryan’s gain.
    And the porn world is all the better for it.
    Just don’t sign with Men.com.

  2. @EJ, gorgeous, yes, but he is not versatile. He has done 10+ scenes at CM, and has not bottomed and only recently started to suck dick and rim (and not very well). The most recent Edge video, he could barely take the head of the other guy’s dick in his mouth.
    I have seen most of CM videos. I always found his performances kind of dull and lackluster, despite the good looks. And I don’t see much personality or charisma there.

  3. He is no longer with CHaosmen. Bryan hated his new tattoo and that was that.
    What’s he doing next I have no idea but I have to agree that new tattoo is AWFUL.

  4. Read it online. I don’t think I can post the link for it because he uses his modeling name when explaining the falling out.
    Didn’t see any posts about a new girlfriend,only that he’ll be looking for work elsewhere.

  5. actually he bottomed once, but that scene is short and doggy style and not worth to recommend

  6. If that is really true, then Bryan is an idiot. I mean, if he were new and, auditioning and you didn’t want his tattoo on your site, thats one thing. But why part ways with someone who’s got a proven track record of bringing up the site traffic?
    It’s a bad business decision. He (along with Vander) are two of the more popular guys on that site.
    And if guys are being let go due to tattoos, then the porn studios are gonna be hard pressed to find new models. As these days, a vast majority of young men have them. Better get used to it.
    Even CorbinFisher has bent that rule.

  7. By the way, I can comfirm what Zack said is true. Since I can’t post Arie’s real name here, A bit of googling will take you to his modeling site, and a comment he made about leaving CM over his new tattoo.

  8. One more thing…Aries was right in covering up that grenade tattoo. I saw a close-up picture of it, and saw something in it that I had never noticed before. It may have changed my opinion of him, if I had lol. I’m glad he did the right thing and covered it.

  9. First of all, DAMN if Aries is no longer on Chaosmen! His gorgeous eyes, bisexual, huge cock and affinity for ATM will be missed.
    Second, his modelling site seems more like an undercover escorting site. He offers training and life coaching but doesnt disclose any certificates or experience in such work. Guess I shoulda figured it was an escort site when it indicated the modelling rate was the same for coaching as the same for companionship.
    Three, I snooped too and saw pictures on each of his sites featuring the grenade tattoo in its original state…and GOD I wish I hadnt seen that. Although it is a bit of a turn on to see he has made a complete 180 in that view.
    I wish him the best of luck because despite what many say about his porn performance – dead weight, lifeless, stepford like – I for one found him sexy and charming.

  10. Ya, I was also taken back when I saw his ‘original’ grenade tattoo (the one he has on CM was a cover-up of the original). I’m assuming he was young and was a different person when he got that tattoo?
    He obviously does not still hold those views (as evident by his cam show above with Trey Dean)

  11. IDGI what was you guys are saying about his tattoo? how was it a problem? Isn’t it just a star attoo though?

  12. Oh I got it. I used to wonder why his grenade was re-edited to look vague. And his ascendants was problably of German origin, noticed from his last name.

  13. I suspect this as well. That modelling site seems a bit dodgy and who could have missed his grenade tattoo for the uninitiated? I bet he’ll soon be at MEN.com, since ex-Sean Cody models are in high demand.

  14. SC has been missing a lot of hot models. I knew about Paul Wagner but I never would have known that Colby Keller was on there too. They also dropped the ball on Jeremy Bilding, CF’s Aiden some others. Their loss is someone else’ gain.
    Also, add NDS as a site he shouldn’t sign up with.

  15. Well judging by what you’re saying, he must have had somewhat extreme views about minorities. Who knows. Maybe he was like this guy I went to school with: he didn’t care much for blacks but for some reason started talking to me and said that I wasn’t like black people he had met. I told him that all of us aren’t the same.

  16. Well, he’s having sex with a Black man in his cam shows (and the 2 of them are purportedly more than just cam buddies) so he’s obviously not really a racist. Unlike certain other porn performers with their 14-minute rants about their ‘preferences’.

  17. I can see now why he covered it up. Seems kinda odd Bryan would have an issue with that.
    Despite the fact he hasn’t done a show on flirt4free since May,one would have to think his views have changed since then considering his shows with Trey and the rumors they’re more then friends.

  18. Guys I don’t think Bryan had an issue with the tattoo. I mean look at some of his performers! He covered the grenade with a nice koi tattoo but it does look like a hot mess.
    Who knows the real story as to why Aries is no longer with Chaosmen???? It’s a shame, but maybe we should just leave it as an amicable split.

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