Aries of CM doing cam shows at Flirt 4 Free

His latest at Chaos Men (CM) was with Glenn, which was released last week.


His CM look was similar to the photos he used in his Model Mayhem profile.

Left: Chaos Men | Right: Derek Shook

But, it's not his current look. Today, he had a show at Flirt 4 Free, where he used the name Aries Ray. He was with someone named Trey Dean.

He was bigger and had a bigger tattoo on his left chest. The somewhat small circle tattoo he had at Chaos Men was now part of a scorpion (?) tattoo.


4 thoughts on “Aries of CM doing cam shows at Flirt 4 Free

  1. Can anyone confirm whether they did anything on camera together?
    Also if I remember correctly, Aries admitted to Bry at CM that he likes boys and girls, and had gotten drunk and fooled around with a guy, even got fucked but it was painful.
    Meanwhile…Kinda glad that he covered up the Grenade tat….but now it just kinda looks full on Monet…
    HOT HOT HOT green eyes!

  2. i’ve met them in real life, i responded to an ad to watch aries have sex with trey, he considers him his boyfriend but admits that he likes women more and also has an occasional girlfriend. they are both really nice and fucking hot.

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