2 thoughts on “Extra giblets & butt stuffing marathon at CM started with Dusty & Vander

  1. Always appreciate Bryan’s generous MARATHONS….and a G-hOle clip with Vander is a real treat to kick-off the Thanksgiving Day Marathon.
    PS: Thanks DENZ,..for pointing out the VANDER was a former Corbie, back in 2007 as MARC # 1. (Marc #2 is former Joseph from SC)
    As for the PROMO SALE,…both are GREAT DEALS…particularly considering that (1) There’s the Xmas Holiday Marathon that’s coming up in December, (2) Chaosmen’s photo-gallery offering STILLS and SCREENS are the BEST in the industry. (3) A store that’s filled with perfect “Stocking Stuffers” for your Porn Buddies that will remember YOU for the entire New Year. I went crazy CM Xmas shopping in 2013 and bought all of Bryan’s website products,..and will VOUCH they are all TOP-NOTCH quality, quick shipping, and great customer service. (and a heck of a lot better than what I’ve received from ShopCF.com)

  2. If you ever talk to him, Bryan is a creep and he’s turned Vander into such a white-trash old slag. He actually used to be hot, but now he’s just…well, mucky.

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