11 thoughts on “From Perry to Allen and now Elder Roberts at Mormon Boyz (tip @ Kevin)

  1. But the question is, where is he now? Is he still with CF, or MormonBoyz? Or both. CF does not require exclusivity, but you get paid more and get more travel opportunities if you are exclusive.
    CF could probably get him to do more and improve as a performer — so long as he stuck around.

  2. Great discovery! Let’s see how many other “secret” missionaries can be uncovered at Mormonboyz.

  3. I hope this means he is not coming back, besides the fact that i don’t find him attractive he was also a poor performer. The glamour shots of his scene with Colt were very deceptive, they gave you the impression he gave head to Colt but that didn’t happen in the actual scene.
    I do have to say he looks better with the shaved off beard.

  4. Elder Miller, who has a MormonBoyz update this week, was Alec at CF, and is Brannon at CM, among his other pursuits (discussed on other pages on this blog). Also, Zane Anders who has been everywhere (CM/CF/DR/you name it [Bound Gods I think is the last I’ve seen]) was also at MormonBoyz (with his chest tattoo covered as well.
    MormonBoyz has increased its updates to two per week, to appear to increase value, but the scenes are now split into two episodes released over two weeks, which negates any saving, and is very annoying.

  5. This is the 5th video for him at Mormonboyz. He has only been serviced over there and took a bunch of butt plugs up his ass.

  6. Denz, do you have any idea who the hot daddies at Mormon Boyz are? Patriarch Smith and Bishop Angus specifically! I don’t think I’ve seen them anywhere else, but I have a hard time believing they’ve only been at Mormon Boyz.

  7. Another CORBIE defecting and sneaking into the Mormon Tabernacle. LOL!!
    Wonder if he’s going to follow CF-Alec (aka: Elder-Miller / CM-Brannon) and defect to Texas to work for Brian @ Chaosmen. ??
    Thanks Kevin & DENZ … for sharing the info.

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