If you miss Bryan Ockert in action

Bryan Ockert, former owner of Chaos Men, has not been in front of the camera at Chaos Men since 2017 (?) but his scenes have been remastered by the new owner as bonus updates.

If you miss Bryan, his oral scene with Drake Yuri (aka Drake Von) is up next on his site at Peep Show.

This is his 5th scene at Peep Show since he sold Chaos Men.

And, Bryan is the 4th site owner for Drake.


  1. HermanCee

    Chaosmen is dead to me. It went downhill as soon as they ran out of videos Brian already had in the can. This is sad. I loved his site but now it’s gone.

    • ncbored

      Totally agree!

    • HJ

      Yup. The only reason to join Chaosmen is for unfettered access to the old content. The site used to have such a great variety of guys. The way it told their stories made it seem extra real. There were no fake scenarios with pizza delivery or anything, it was just guys with varying levels of experience and curiosity having sex. Sometimes it was amazing to see their evolution. Smooth muscular giant Zane, for example, started off as straight, did a full range of scenes, and then came back to the site for more scenes 10 years later… still a giant, still muscular, but now with a hairy chest and scruff as well as the realization that he’s actually gay. Bryan’s appearances were never off-putting and he did such a great job managing the site.

      • J

        Zane was always gay. Many of the chaosmen models were gay or bi.
        Brian even had a few come back for his behind the scenes interviews to reveal this fact.

  2. Rockhard288

    Young Bryan was hot. The only scenes I watch and enjoy are ones where the site owners are fit and take care of themselves.

    Young Bryan 2000s, Austin Wilde, ColbyKnox, Michael Lucas(great body, terrible person), Landon LaEl(never did gay, only solo and only featured on his straight site) and early 2000s Sean Cody.

    Site owners if you want to be in front of the camera with your models please look the pet these guys do. Least you could do.

  3. Res1

    Seeing old men with boys young enough to be their barely legal sons will never be okay with me, sorry.

  4. Res1

    Can’t hate the owner for selling Chaosmen to MindFREAK if he made a pretty penny and started another site. Maybe his new site will grow to be as popular as CM and maybe it’ll sell it and make even more money.

    • Reg

      I doubt it. He started CM in a different time and put years of effort into building it into a brand…then he sold out, sold that brand and what, now has seller’s remorse? All he’s doing now is embarrassing himself.

  5. vonschlomo

    Bryan makes an entire video of just him jacking off Drake, who’s been in a ton of scenes….Snoooooooze. Frankly, Bryan, who’s sucked a hundred dicks just on video and probably countless others otherwise, never was really any good with his mouth. Bryan, like all the rest of the guys in gay porn, NEED to progressively get better and better at sucking dick from scene to scene….it is actually a skill that is learned and practiced. When you just do the mouth over hand technique, it’s lazy. Too many guys in the wide world of gay porn are LAZY when it comes to SKILLS having sex on camera. Even if you don’t really like guys or dicks, you’re being paid good money to appear on camera having sex with guys and by god you need to LOOK LIKE you love guys and love dick! I’m over all this top only, I eat ass, I don’t suck dick, I get blown, then I blow BS. Finding guys that appear to love to top and bottom AND are great at it, love dick, suckin dick, eating come, eating ass, kissing and everything in between who are smoking hot has become like finding unicorns.

  6. Kevin Jones

    Sadly the quality of CM has gone downhill.

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