7 thoughts on “The casting scene of Kyle Morgan at Belami Online was filmed 10 years ago

  1. The only time he ever bottomed was in a flip with Dave (Caleb Moreton) for Big Daddy’s Bareback Attack series. That was released in 2013 and he hasn’t been active since. I wonder what else BA might have in the vault.

  2. Hello-

    I’m betting there are still a decent number of guys out there that aren’t aware Bel Ami has a
    stockpile of videos yearssssssss old that have never been posted.

  3. It seems that BA has either severely cut back filming, or simply stopped. Another scene today bought from outside director, It’s not just BA, their Freshmen site now shows BA guys who have been around for years, behind the scenes clips, old clips of guys who didn’t stay, and photosets instead of new scenes. Freshmen was supposed to be for new guys!
    BA and FM are a mess. It’s my last sub, after that I’ll be done with paid porn.
    I’m willing too pay, but it seems all sites are dead or dying.

    1. That is true as they cant get the guys to perform for them any more, now that they can make their money on only fans.

  4. I have to assume that the ongoing spread of monkeypox would have an impact on filming just as COVID did and still is to a diminished extent.

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