48 thoughts on “It’s his turn: Jake Preston with a trans man

    1. Agreed.. this is what happens when one company owns basically 80% of the market share of queer porn content , then decides to redefine what “queer” is by mass producing and promoting only bi and trans porn, and leaving gay men shut out.

      Way to be inclusive MG…

          1. No, they’re not.

            This person is a walking contradiction: straight guys having actual gay sex on camera is bad and evil, but studios selling bootleg straight porn as gay porn is good and moral.

            On every single post about this, they show up throwing baseless accusations of bigotry and strawman around like a broken record, every single time without an actual argument behind them.

            Just face reality: we don’t need to have voted for Trump in order to be against gay porn studio’s pushing bi and bootleg straight content on spaces that should be for gay men.

        1. Sorry, but I don’t need to watch Fox News to have a basic grasp on reality of what is gay sex and what is not.

          Now do us all a favor and go back to your cage!

  1. Jake Preston or the studio thinks, if Jake isn’t fucking a woman’s cunt it makes a big difference to him fucking FTM’s cunt now. LoL
    Well at least Jake can claim he didn’t put his cock in female genitals since it’s officially a man. Clever Job Jake. Different tastes for a “queer” studio!

    1. It’s interesting how the gay porn industry has been slowly morphing into what amounts to a bootleg version of the straight porn industry.

      There’s even bootleg straight sex being routinely shoved into gay porn sites now!

      First the increasing appearances of women in their gay scenes, then bisexual content being shoved into gay porn sites and now… this. If this keeps on, by the end of the year MG is going to start uploading their straight scenes in their gay porn sites as well and a bunch of stupid social media “qweer” sheep are going to defend them by saying how “exclusionary” and “bigoted” gay men, so on, so on.

      This is what happens when a majority of the industry is owned by a single company: they can do whatever they want and that’s it.

      1. IDK Mate I could not have put this better myself and this is exactly what is happening and is continually defended and encouraged by a number of individuals all over the blogs some of which are on here which is sad!

    2. Should have known this would happen since he works for A Mindgeek owned Studio. Gay Porn Studios need to be bought by actual Gay Men and many performers just need to get released and or fired. Since Jake did this garbage will his boyfriend Clark Reid be following this. This r ally sucks but not surprised at all.

      1. If we go by prior precedent, then yeah: his boyfriend probably will be inside a vagina in the near future.

  2. When Jake’s profile on Men saying he’s gay but now fucking a vagina.. lmao.
    What happened to the gay porn nowadays???

    We already got trans women infiltrated the women sports, now we get trans men infiltrated gay porn. It’s like a movement..or already is.

    1. Don’t worry, he’s probably got a pre-made lecture about how PiV sex is totes gay with an extra section all about how evil, “close minded” and “exclusionary” we are for pointing out basic reality.

      Schrodinger gays are all to common in this industry, after all.

      As for MG, this sudden inclusion of trans porn into their gay sites might have to do with some ESG corporate bullshite or some idiot on upper management wanting to virtue signaling.

      Who knows?

      1. It’s crazy with MG tbh.. but i have a feeling they won’t stop.

        btw, I’m more confused about Noah. If she basically love doing porn with guys, she just hv to embrace her ‘womanhood’ in the first place (without transing) and went audition for the straight porn studios or bcame an onlyfans girl, probably she’ll bcome famous from it.

        1. The whole point is the gay LARP and the fetishization of gay identity.

          If they’re having sex with men as a women, then there’s no appeal to them. If the men in question self-id as gay, even better.

          1. That’s why the question is : “Was this just a gay fetishization or really a gender dysphoria?” for them, right?!

  3. The trash keeps on stinking up the joint doesn’t it? I just wish all this “Inclusive” Porn would stop infiltrating Gay Porn. It’s gotta stop NOW

  4. Gay porn is becoming more and more marginalized. Actors have gone so hypocritically wrong, too.
    I have to get back to that lying “cunt” Derek Kage. A while ago his “girlfriend” Sopia Locke announced that she would fly to Europe/Spain with him to shoot scenes with him. As a result, “hypocritical fans” on his website got angry again, even though they know that he is sexually attracted to women to a degree or even more.
    Then he just recently posted a picture saying he was on the flight and asking people to guess where he’s going and which holes he’s going to plug. LOL
    As a result, many wrote everything possible, except that he would fly to Barcelona to film threesomes with Sophia or group sex with her. So I asked myself who really is more stupid : Derek Kage who takes his “fans” for fools or the people who believe everything and although they know what he is doing or what he is consciously suppress.
    Now Sophia is posting pictures again where she shows that they are there together and is happy to get a crempie from Derek and the “fans” are getting upset about him doing something like that even though they know that he is not gay. I say it, that is more entertaining than any “smear comedy” if you follow the social history of such a dander like Derek. Better than any movie! LOLOLOLOLOLOL

    1. I think gay porn became more marginalized bcoz of the TQIA+ movement.. they blurred everything. and eventually they starting to try to erase the gays by inserting ‘trans’ people to the gay porn (by making gays having sex with trans men and calling it ‘gay sex’). Who’s still remember Jockpussy??!

      About the actors, yeah.. Derek Kage is a smart guy, why.. because he knew that he could hide behind the LGBTQIA+ reasons everytime there’s fans calling him out. And ofc, he’d do that so hard bcause of the money from his gay fans, he didn’t want to lose. He and also other actors who ‘g4p’ that always ‘lied’ and hiding behind ‘alphabet’ reasons. Btw, early this year, there’s a gay porn star (not really a newbie) who I really like, I followed his twitter and subscribed to his OF bcause not only all the gay contents (solo+collabs) he posted was great, he also claimed to be gay. So, in every posts he posted on Twitter (linked to the OF), he always put gay #. Until a few weeks ago, I tried to search his acc through the twitter search and got shocked that I found two acc under his name. One is public and the other is private. When I saw the private one, I immediately raised my eyebrow bcause the PP shows woman’s boobs. Hesitated at first but I tried to send a request for following. After getting accepted and open the acc, I was shocked to the core that it was really him and the content on that acc is full of straight contents. He fucking women. I just laughed. LOL
      After seeing those ‘nightmares’, I immediately blocked him on twitter and unsubscribed his OF.

      1. I have nothing against men in general if they fuck women, that is if they are really bi and act like it from the start without just going on “Gay Catch” to mislead people. Because then something like you happens and then these performers wonder why they are being attacked, then they actors twist things and portray us as haters and intolerants or trolls. Most of the time these performers disappear into oblivion at some point because gay men are no longer interested in them or they continue to pretend to be attracted to men. I believe that sooner or later it will be the same for Derek. He still pretends to be into men, but basically it’s just sex work for him that he sells by fucking women, of course. He’s just afraid that fans and especially men in the “gay spectrum” will leave him and he doesn’t dare to reveal his true self. But it’s always just actions that never follow words or statements, so the problem with Derek will also be solved because at some point nobody from the “gay spectrum” will be interested in him and his lies and he will simply disappear like so many before him. It’s always (unfortunately) the same process with such dishonest performers.
        As for his social media, I only see them because they are very entertaining, his statements totally unrelated to what he does and his constant struggles with people who see through him and taunt them. There’s a saying: It’s always the people who scream the loudest when they’ve been hit at the true point!

        1. “I have nothing against men in general if they fuck women, that is if they are really bi and act like it from the start without just going on “Gay Catch” to mislead people.” This is me too.
          Oh, still fresh about what happened to Kurt Adam when he posted his content with a girl on his OF a few days ago (idk if it was his first since I don’t follow him). His gay fans were upset and called him out but his ‘brainwashed’ fans defended him like there’s no tomorrow. And just like you said, those gay fans of his were portrayed as haters, intolerants and treated as trolls.

          1. It’s always the same pattern behind it. There is a movement, an agenda behind it that deliberately only acts with actors who shoot gay content. With straight men who only shoot straight content, they don’t dare or consciously ignore it. Keep watching. There has been a downward spiral in gay porn or gay content for years. We are consciously pushed out of our space.

            1. True. There’s a movement/agenda behind all of this.
              Especially with all of these transmen infiltrated not only in gay porn studios but also targeted those gay OF content creators. Idk if those gay OF content creators that collabing with these transmen realised what they’re doing or basically they’ve already been brainwashed by this ‘queer’ movement. Because some of these gay OF creators are really gays (even some are gay bottoms). It’s really concerning, tbh.

              1. Generation grew up with that trans porn and distorted their perception. Now tons of self identifying progressive people are willing to die on the hill that is trans QIA+ stuff. Trans this and that. No one knows why it became so important but I’m led to believe it’s because of the porn

        1. I feel the same because I immediately recognized and felt in his performance that he is just a sex worker. I mean to some he’s perfect and gay because he does everything, but his lies, dishonesty and shitstorm he got at fans who “criticized” him totally turned me off too.
          He’s just annoying because he’s filming so much and trying to prove something that’s really getting on my nerves, but you’re right. I don’t even look his videos anymore.
          This “masquerade” of him and his “blah blah stories” on gay podcasts is just awful, dishonest and a turn off.

      2. hiro_shi I would do the same and have done just for exactly that reason. For example the guy who was fired form the the justice system Ex-NYC judge aka @CtrlZalt I followed him on Twitter and Instagram and watch a numbers his videos where he took 12 loads in his gob got fucked by load of blokes. Then he put a video up boasting fucking a woman abn boasting about it. That was enough for me as I thought seriously nah mate bye!

      3. you’re not slick separating the lgb from the tqia+ and if you think siding with transphobia will save you from conservatives trying to eradicate us, it won’t

        1. Nah.. I’m just siding with the truth.
          The TQIA+ movement is nightmares for LGB people with those nonsense ideologies so yes and, it better be separated.
          If you want to call me transphobic and siding with conservatives, that’s fine. But, I won’t live my life denying the reality and the truth. After gaining my ‘freedom’ (by coming out as gay) and had to lived in lies because I had to hide my sexuality for years, with +TQIA ideology insisted me I have to live in lies (denying reality) again?? NO!!!

          Conservatives trying to eradicate us? Lmao.. By saying and claiming ‘transwomen are women or transmen are men’, your ideology have been the CATALYST and already being weaponized by the conservatives to eradicate us instead.

  5. This upsets me because (I’m gonna ruffle some feathers here) I don’t think a lot of these guys who do scenes with trans guys are actually into it. They’re young, likely full of Viagra, and probably playing mind games the entire time they’re having sex.

    You don’t have to look any further than twitter to see that the guys who like this type of porn REALLY like this type of porn. Any the small amount of it increases the amount of eyes and $$$ that gets put on any one scene. Do a quick pornhub search for any exclusively gay category and you’ll get +100k results. Search FTM or trans man and you get maybe 5k with only about 1k of actual ftm fucking a guy.

    Porn studios and actors have figured this out and are capitalizing on it. A normal video might bring in a few views and memberships from the larger gay population but a FTM video here or there rakes in a huge amount of cash and views from a small group of people.

    So you have a lot of OF creators, studios, and pornstars who are cashing checks and not caring about the damage they’re doing. IMO they’re selfish pricks because they could be honest and say they’re just following money but instead they go on long diatribes about how PiV sex is somehow gay.

    It’s homophobic BS. There’s nothing wrong with saying that trans men with men is not gay sex. That doesn’t mean it’s straight sex because I think trans men blur the line enough, but it’s not gay sex. And it’s not wrong for gay men to have our own spaces. It says a lot about the trans community that they refuse to build their own spaces and instead feel the need to barge into others.

  6. I don’t doubt there may be some dirty business going on on the backstage of said scenes, as in, FtMs pressuring independent content creators into doing scenes with them or peer pressure from other performers. Nx Noah here is well known for exposing people who deny sex with them on social media, after all.

    …but this doesn’t free said creators of responsibility for caving to this shit and not simply saying “no”.

    If people care more about performers denying to have sex with FtMs than with the variety of criminals, sex offenders and domestic violence perpetrators which are welcomed into this industry, then there’s something wrong going on.

    If we face a 180 on this topic in 5 years from now (which is completely possible by the way), will these same creators flip the script and start painting themselves as victims? I don’t doubt this for a minute.

    When the time comes, I hope we can all unite in order to tell these spineless, money grabbing, hypocritical idiots to go fuck themselves.

    Also, archive everything so they can’t deny their promotion of this.

    1. I’ve known Noah has been a homophobic one with her ‘exposing’ habit.. but not just Noah, other FtMs too.

      People should care more especially us, the gays. If we feel something is wrong with this industry, we need to called them out, not just sit around anf watched our safe spaces being barged by those ‘nonsense’ ideologies.

      Five years from now, if we didn’t take an act asap, probably there’ll be no ‘gay porn’ anymore..

  7. It is so weird to me how drastically people react on here when a transperson shows up in a porn. Porn you’re not interested in watching is allowed to exist. It’s not taking anything from you. Between the dozens of porn sites and pages and pages of OnlyFans you couldn’t possibly watch the amount of cis male/cis male scenes that get turned out. If a site I follow puts up a scene that doesn’t interest me I just don’t watch it and move on with my life.

    1. Ah.. so you’re one of the brainwashed one! I can smell you from the word CIS that you spoke!

      “Porn you’re not interested in watching is allowed to exist.” This type of porn shouldn’t exist on gay porn website! If you want it to exist, then create another website only for you and other transpeople could enjoy. STOP barging into gay pornsite!

      If you couldn’t stand about everyone opinions about telling the basic science and truth, then you should ignore and move on with your life.

    2. That’s exactly what it’s all about: always saying “if I’m not interested in a scene on a website, I just don’t look at it”. We pay a website that advertises gay content and sells itself as the best gay adult website in the world and as a gay man we expect gay content, and not without asking and on “duress” without being given a choice, no cunt scenes! It doesn’t matter if the’re a woman or trans. It’s not about trans (even if some of the views here are radical). It’s just about stopping calling theirself that or just showing the cintent that’s expected or separating it! You didn’t get the point of what’s going on here. It’s always easy to say “get on with your life” when we gays are being made more and more difficult in gay porn, @Aron M my darling.

    3. There is nothing wrong with saying that trans men and men having sex isn’t gay. It’s not straight, but it’s also not gay. Some bi people would say that it’s not even bi and that trans individuals have created a 4th category.
      In the essence of it not being gay porn, then we’re every bit allowed to say that it doesn’t belong on a gay porn website. More so, you need to take in the context that many gay men are told that we can change. That we just need to find the right person and we won’t be gay anymore. This notion that we, as gay men, need to be more open and inclusive about our sexuality to allow vagina into it is pure conversion therapy speak. It’s homophobic.
      What’s worse is it’s even more homophobic with porn because of how porn is shot. If you do a POV shot of Noah and Preston fucking there is zero about it that distinguishes it from straight sex. When you do a shot of Preston licking Noahs clit and don’t include Noah’s upper torso or face it’s a guy licking a vagina. Porn does this all the time because it’s a visual medium.

      Grow up.

    4. No one suggested that trans porn shouldn’t exist. Perhaps Menofporn needs to decide what it wants to be. If it’s a site for gay men, then trans porn, lesbian porn and straight porn needs to take a hike. There’s enough gay content to fill a website. But of course, we all know why trans porn is leveraging gay sites. Because gay sites have the audience, while trans porn alone has a very limited audience. Politically, we should be in total solidarity with the T’s. And within general news sites, which MOP isn’t, T’s inclusion with all other sexual orientations makes sense. But that doesn’t mean trans, lesbian or straight sexuality should be conflated with gay sexuality as if they are all the same thing. They aren’t. And frankly, it’s as annoying as when a gay bar becomes overrun and ruined by straight bachelorette parties. It doesn’t mean we hate straight girls. But it does mean that they should get lost and stop using gay men as props.

      1. “MALE PORN STARS – MOSTLY from gay porn, SOMETIMES str8, bi & trans porn.”
        I think it’s good that Denz posts and shows all these things because it shows the hypocritical, mendacious way and above all the subliminal homophobia of actors, studios or certain people who write here or outside on Websites.

  8. well if anything this comment section is great proof that gay men can be just as stupid and bigoted as straight people and I think that’s wonderful

    1. Well if anything this comment section is a great proof that these gay men are being smart, honest and accepting the truth and the reality we’re lived in and you’re stupid and homophobic enough as well as those liars that being wrapped by the wrong ideology ever.. and that’s really… just stupid.

      1. No problem, this person writing is definitely straight and one of those gay haters who wants to disrupt and destabilize gay porn and gays in their teretories like so many others do.

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