Anyone has these sexual fantasies?

Three scenes were released this week that had me thinking if anyone had these type of sexual fantasy since I have a boring sex life. I am content with a clean bed and a shower, before and after sex.

MUMMIFICATION Gangster Fuck had a guy wrapped in plastic where initially his mouth and the penis region had an opening.


DIRTY Gay War Games had their guys have sex inside a dirty room.


FOOD Kristen Bjorn had two guys in a threesome with a fruit on the table [gallery].


3 thoughts on “Anyone has these sexual fantasies?

  1. I have only seen pictures from GangsterFuck but scenes like this do not appeal to me. Reminds me too much of Jeffrey Dahmer c.s. The top in this scene is Adam Rupert who has been very busy recently, mostly for WH.
    GayWarGames is from the same company as GangsterFuck and it also does not appeal to me. I’m not high maintenance but I like to have sex in a decent location, not in a derelict building. But the top in this scene is Juliano/Terry and I find him a hot guy.
    Could it be that the scene from Kristen Bjorn is produced by William Higgins? The decor looks somewhat familiar to me. Bottom guy in this scene is Enzo Bloom who is an excellent performer. Don’t know about the fruit though …

  2. The mummification is scary. Also guys in those rubber outfits that cover them up. Too vulnerable for my taste but it’s a fetish thing for some people. Kinda weird what gets some people off.

  3. Josef looked familiar when I saw this post. He plays a straight guy in czechhunter 87 I think.

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