Timothy’s thoughts on Brent Everett & Steve Pena

You posted recently a question regarding Steve Pena and Brent Everett.


I’ve noticed a recent posts by Jayson Smith that say he misses his
@StevePena1. And Steve Pena’s posts say that he misses Jayson. Yesterday
Jayson said: “I miss my boyfriend.” and Steve replied “I miss him too.”
So now I’m confused.


OK, I thought an open relationship was to see other
people. Having a boyfriend seems more like commitment. So why marry if
you are going to committ to more than one person? Isn’t easier just to
date more than one.


I’m probably just confusing marriage. I thought we
fought for gay marriage so we could be equal. Seems this kind of
relationship would give fuel to the fire against gay marriage. Then
again, maybe I am too traditional and romantic to think that marriage
gay or straight is committing your life to the other person.

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  1. My Stupid Update:
    It seems there have been several un-replied tweets from Brent to Steve that he misses him. Sorry, Brent they are too busy breaking beds! LOL

  2. I think he is too busy being in love with Jayson.
    I will say the photo of Jayson asleep nestled in the nook of Pena’s chest was really adorable.
    I also found a comment from Jayson from quite a while ago stating he did not want a normal relationship, as he finds them “boring.” Oh to be that innocent again. (I used to say the same thing, not understanding that relationships have enough drama even when they’re “normal.”)
    I also learned that folks who are cheaters are cheaters and it is not that I am so amazing that they felt compelled to cheat, it is that the person is a cheater and will likely cheat on me the same way they cheated on someone else to be with me.
    How that applies to folks in open relationships, I have no clue, but I always thought it was the emotional attachment that was “cheating,” not the sport fucking…which is how this is different than either Brent or Steve fucking to get their rocks off (or earn a living) but I would assume neither was supposed to be falling for someone else.
    Maybe I am dense, but I thought the reason we celebrated marriage is because two folks are promising to work hard to make a life together. Yea, the divorce rate is high and so is adultery, and I get all of that, but I don’t think we celebrate “I commit to being with you until I fall for someone else” because we recognize that marriage is supposed mean the two folks love each other enough to commit to working hard to stay together.
    Back to the latest updates, Chi-Chi mentioned going to Canada and wanting to see Brent, and Steve’s replies on Twitter were very “matter of fact” in nature about texting Brent since Chi-Chi was arriving a day earlier than Brent would think.
    I also found a tweet by Jayon saying “I love you” to Steve from a little while ago.
    Frankly, I never understand why folks in the same room talk to eachother over twitter or facebook. I have married freiends who do the same thing, and I guess it is a need for attention or a public declaration to everyone…
    Steve also shared a great video this morning (Kelly Rowland, I think) and it is about loving someone for forever…and it was for Jayson. Oh, the unintended irony.
    Well, it seems like not following Brent is leaving a void in the publicly posted part of this three way relationship soap opera. How fun that Pena is an attention whore or we would not know any of this. How seemingly unfortunate for Brent.

  3. Well my predictions are now true! Steve tweeted to Brent yesterday that he would see him after thanksgiving. (Their anniversary is next week.)He posted today that he would be at a bar in DC next weekend. What does all that add up to? Steve has CHOSEN to stay in DC with his boyfriend over going to be with his HUSBAND on their FIVE-YEAR anniversary!??!
    Yes, That is a choice! If it were my husband, even with the immigration thing, I would be doing whatever I could to be with my man on our anniversary. Nothing prevents him from going to see Brent in Canada as far as I can tell.
    When they married five years ago, they said they were marrying the “love of my life.” But now it seems Steve has two loves. Make that three Himself, Jayson, and Brent. It seems in that order if you look at the priority of his tweets. When Jayson tweeted he missed him, Steve was quick to reply he missed him. Same thing for “i love u” A few days ago it was “i love u more.” But I noticed “I miss my @stevepena1” by Brent went without response from Steve on several occasions. I noticed one tweet where Steve posted to Jayson “U r my everything.”
    I suspect it is just bad business for Brent and Steve not reveal their real relationship. That and they have to stay married for Brent to get back.
    Brent posted to his blog when he was first denied entry that he wanted to dispel the rumours in twiterverse. He said that Steve would be joining him in Canada. That was last year. The last time they were physically together was in April of this year. (As far as I can tell.)
    It seems strange that Brent has not weighed in on the matter.
    Jayson is quick to defend his relationship. I would guess he feels threatened by the comments some make. But at this point it seems he probably doesn’t need to. It is clear where Steve’s heart is.
    Personally, at this point, I have to say it is their lives. I tweeted as much. I wish all 3 of them the best. Unfortunately at least for Brent it seems there is not much room for Brent in Steve’s heart.

  4. A little PR from Brent as he has admitted he has a boyfriend in Canada to which Estevan Pena quickly retweeted insinuating hey he has one too so its ok. This is like the fake marriage Pierre Fitch had with Ralph Woods.

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