16 thoughts on “The str8 for pay in Clinton of CF (tip @ Artu)

  1. well usually when they’re gay they say they’re Bi and if they’re straight they say they’re Bi. You know someone isn’t bisexual when they tell you they’re bisexual…the real bisexuals hate to be called bisexual and have to bore you with some fake ass term like pansexual/omnisexual/sexually greedy which makes them sound really fucking annoying.
    So by math this guy might be…Str8-4-pay?

  2. I believe his orientation was mentioned in a Pete’s attic before. If i remember correctly he leaned more toward guys.

  3. MenOfPorn you should ask pete or CF twitter account 🙂
    They notice big bloggers like you 😀
    Personally I think he is str8 and the flirt4free is a mistake
    his str8 scene is full of passion, his gay scenes are boring he can even get properly hard

  4. oh by the way if the made vince and zack go str8, nothing surprises me from them. It’s just sad and sends the wrong message (same for gay4pay) but i don’t want to get into an argument.

  5. Um…clearly you all missed his solo AND Pete’s Attic interview. Clinton…who I think is totally boss: has that 70’s porn star vibe and that sexy, deviant look about him…indicated he is bisexual, liking both girls and guys. And straight off the plane, he was very forthcoming – when it comes to sex with men, he loves getting fucked.
    He had me at …”loves getting fucked”.

  6. But even interviews can’t be trusted. One interview they say they’re bi. In another they are gay or straight. They say whatever they want in interviews and they can change their mind later. And the folks who interview them don’t have the power to truly press these guys for the true answers since their blogs could be taken down at the “request” of CF or some other porn companies backing the performers.

  7. Exactly. Jeremy Bilding for example swore he was Bi in an interview and then as soon as he was accepted into straight porn he was all I did gay work for the paycheck.
    Mason Wyler’s CF profile said he was straight.

  8. When he did the POV fuck scene with Kellan, he sounded/seemed kinda effeminate in his mannerisms, so I believed he was gay. No matter, I think the sexual orientation of all these guys is ultimately irrelevant, and the reason they lie or act coy has to do with the expectations from their audience.

  9. Clinton is becoming one of my new favorites on CF. I think the entire premise of CF is to allow guys to explore their sexualities. Gay guys experiment with girls and straight guys with guys. I believe Kinsey is correct, that sexuality is a spectrum and only 3 to 6% is solid & fixed as predominately homosexual.

  10. This. I thought for a fact that Campbell Stevens was gay when he was on SC but then he said he was bisexual in one of his scenes (I think with Chris) but once he went to NDS he said in an interview that he was straight.

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