Dennis of Sean Cody is back and is now single

Are you happy that Dennis is back at Sean Cody? It has been four months. Last Saturday, his scene with Kolby was released.

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His status is now single. He recently broke up with his girlfriend. I was told he was now dating a guy but I can't seem to find that info on his timeline.

26 thoughts on “Dennis of Sean Cody is back and is now single

  1. Never been a Dennis fan. He seems nice enough, just not sure what his appeal is , other than he really likes gay sex. Always appears just a bit too eager and willing to please.

  2. I applaud Dennis for giving up his GF….considering his present exploits doing Gay-Porn. (Dennis seems to enjoy ANAL-sex,… so he’s definitely a bonus to Sean Cody) LOL!!
    Dennis + BF?? ,…WHY jump from one fire into another???
    I think anyone who’s in a relationship (Gal/Guy) and works in the Adult Industry is a Pyromaniac destined to get burnt. Ouch!!

  3. WTF !! Dennis is straight????
    Would never have guessed that such an enthusiastic bottom would be gay for pay… but… stranger things have happened I guess.

  4. I am really glad that Dennis is back. A great personality with an open and inviting smile, enthusiastic in bed….great body and good looking man…what a guy!

  5. Dennis was great in his very first duo scene (with Evan, I believe). He’s went downhill ever since.

  6. I Love Dennis. He is one handsome muscular guy. The reason he broke up with his GF may be because she doesn’t have a cock. Watch his videos and you will see how much this muscular manly guy LOVES to get fucked. Some guys who date women but try it with a guy and get fucked, love it. I think some gay porn models fall into this category. Guys like Dennis, Aiden of CF, Jamie of SC, Dario Dolce of BA and others. I can’t help but think when their gay porn days are over, and if they continue to date women; they will be out getting some cock once and a while. Once a guy allows himself to experience the pleasure of being on the receiving end of a cock, he may just seek it out later, at least occasionally. Maybe the saying should be: “Once you’ve had cock; it’s hard to turn back the clock”.

  7. Yes Denz, I can fully confirm that everything you wrote about Dennis is entirely true. You are right, Dennis did in fact break up with his girlfriend Paul, ending a wonderful year-long relationship. Dennis and Paul’s relationship followed on the heels of Dennis’ former long-term relationship with his previous girlfriend Bill.
    In this day and age…why is there any thinking man who believes this “gay for pay” nonsense? Please.

  8. HAH!!!!! Brilliant.
    My sentiments exactly – we as gay consumers are practically robbing ourselves and our wallets by perpetuating and engaging in this “straight but willing to have gay sex” myth/aesthetic which admittedly is clearly working for some sites.
    It’s ALL marketing, folks. Never believe a studio bio and take a grain of salt any interview with a porn performer.

  9. I welcome him back been a huge fan of him and he is a great performer I just hate when they put him with duds like this bozo lol

  10. Just because some guys likes getting a cock up their ass doesn’t mean they hate putting their cock in a pussy!
    Believe it or not there are many guys out there that like to do both in the same way that there are lots of gay guys who like to give AND take cock as well. Dennis obviously likes being fuck but he may also enjoy fucking women too in his personal life.
    Gay guys who think a man must only be gay for enjoying a dick in their ass are as narrow minded as straight guys who think along the same lines. There are alot of straight men that enjoy anal stimulation but many are afraid of being labelled as being something that they’re not. It would be more accurate to say he’s bi since he enjoys the pleasure of both sexes and more power to him!

  11. I’ll agree with you that there is such a thing as bisexual, and certainly some of these performers may well be genuinely bisexual. But being bisexual is NOT the same as being “gay for pay,” which is actually a non-existent category and an insult to anyone with half a brain.
    I’ll also speculate that the number of “gay for pay” actors/models who are actually bisexual is probably somewhere around 25%, and the rest are just gay gay gay and reading a script that’s been put in front of them. But no less a source than Chi-Chi LaRue once said in an interview that 90% of “gay for pay” performers are not straight in their private lives.

  12. While Dennis doesn’t fit the prototype of most gay porn models,and is a bit “long in the tooth”(look it up if you don’t know what that means!) for SC, there is something about him that I find incredibly sexy. I have from the beginning and have never been convinced of his “str8ness”. He looks so damn…………..fuckable!

  13. Agreed!
    For those that claim they are straight. Here’s a simple test. If you:
    1) Get aroused through sexual contact with another man
    2) Are able to maintain a state of sexual arousal with another man
    3) Achieve an orgasm at the end
    And you are able to accomplish all of the above without being forced/coerced against your will then technically speaking you’re not straight. Doesn’t necessarily mean you’re gay either. You are (at the very least) bi.
    You may have a girlfriend/wife or prefer the company of women in your personal life but if you were truly straight, you wouldn’t be able to get it up, much less sustain an erection and cum at the end.
    Many G4P performers have bi tendencies (even if they lean more towards the straight side of the scale) but a legit straight guy would never get it on with another man because the idea really does nothing for him.

  14. LOL! Im a gay man who discovered I was gay at 22y (a bit late, I know). Prior to that, I was able to 1)Get aroused with women 2)Maintain a state of sexual arousal with women and 3)achieve orgasm. I was not forced or coerced, and in hindsight I can honestly say I enjoyed it at the time.
    A man’s erection and ejaculation is a good indicator he is enjoying the sex, it is NOT necessarily an indicator that he is enjoying the PERSON he’s having the sex with!
    We men can have an emotional detachment toward our sexual partners which makes it difficult to understand how we can engage in sex with people whom, not only are we not attracted to, but may even be repulsed by–And still get erections, project enjoyment, and even cum.

  15. this is long so apologies in advance!
    Then technically you would be bisexual. Granted your preference leans towards men but it’s obvious that you’ve had sexual attraction to women and have had experiences in the past and enjoyed them – nothin wrong with that!.
    I can say that I’m gay because I’ve never been sexually aroused/attracted enough by any woman (I have made out with a few back in high school to see if I was missing out on anything). I never wanted to go beyond second base and never did. I knew I was gay from as far back as being a preteen. I can acknowledge that women are attractive without being necessarily being attracted to them. So I’d considered myself gay with a very slight bi-curious undertone.
    As I said previously, without being forced or coerced is something I mentioned because men who have been victims of rape have experienced erections and orgasms but that wasn’t reflective of the fact that they enjoyed it. Quite the opposite. The body’s reaction doesn’t always equate to the emotional trauma of an event like that.
    I still maintain that many G4P guys are bi even if they are 90% straight and 10% gay. Whatever internal feelings they may have about being sexually intimate with another guy, something is obviously there for them to go ahead and experiment, no matter how minor it maybe or how much conflict it causes them emotionally.
    Straight male performer Johnny Castle got his start does solo scenes in gay porn and was offered a lot of money to do a scene where he sexually interacted with another guy. He turned it down because he just felt no attraction to men and no amount of money could change his mind. Not surprisngly, he left the gay side of the business shortly afterwards and has worked steadily in straight porn for the last several years.
    I consider him straight because not even finance wasn’t enough to motivate him to get down and dirty with another man. If he did do it, I’d call him bi but 95% straight. Money motivates most G4P guys no doubt about that but there is also some element of attraction at play as well however small it maybe.

  16. I’m always happy to see Dennis but I knew his relationship with his “girlfriend” wouldn’t last. Not many guys can deal with a younger woman as their GF from my experiences. Plus, she may stopped liking the idea of him getting pegged by someone other than herself.

  17. You didn’t know? He said he had a GF in his solo debut, that she was younger and that she liked to fuck him with a strap-on so was all for him coming to gay porn.

  18. I like what you said. Oh, and 22 is not late; I came to terms with my sexuality five years ago at 25.

  19. I don’t know. I don’t consider him long-in-the-tooth because he’s supposed to be 34 but that’s just my opinion. Still love him, though. I’d date him if he were around me. Besides, I remember SC stating that for their models they accept guys 18 to 40.

  20. Comments like these denying that gay4pay exists borders on the delusional. Have you ever met any of these performers? I have. You obviously have not been around the gay porn industry at all. In a conversation with William Higgins in Prague around 2002 I think he sums it up best when he said that for him if he took all the straight men out of his porn at least 70% of his current work would disappear. Chi Chi Larue famously said she prefers working with gay4pay porn stars because there is less drama.
    Are there gay porn stars pretending to be gay for marketing purposes? Of course. Do some gay porn companies make a shtick out of marketing their straight performers? Of course. Just being logical, don’t you think of all the several hundred current crop of well-known mainstream (CF, SC, etc.) gay porn performers that identify themselves as gay4pay would have popped up somewhere in some gay bar and we would have heard about it? Also several performers who have left the sites have themselves gone public and admitted that most of the performers are straight (several from SC for example). Whether you choose to believe it or not there is a large percentage of gay porn performers who are actually straight or gay4pay. It may be a marketing strategy but for the most part it’s real.

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