EXCLUSIVE Sean Cody partners with TIM

Worst decision ever. Was Sean Cody forced to collaborate with Treasure Island Media? It is the only logical decision I can think of right now.

Pairup_seancody_treasureilandmedia_01 Pairup_seancody_treasureilandmedia_02

I was told that each scene will be filmed by Sean Cody and Treasure Island Media. So, us fans, will get to watch two scenes with the same guys, filmed in two different ways. The idea sounds exciting.

The two studios started filming today, April 01, 2014.

20 thoughts on “EXCLUSIVE Sean Cody partners with TIM

  1. If this joke were CF, it would be a lot funnier coz they’ll desperately do anything now for subscribers.

  2. It would have been a worse joke if it said Jake Cruise was to perform in all CF videos.

  3. how come SC still does not have any update?
    They normally post it the update at 12am eastern time every other day.

  4. Honestly I think it would be hot if some of the most clean-cut Cody models got used by the raunchier TIM guys, starting with a cum enema! “Make me like you . . .”

  5. . . .Yeah. SC is so so so far from need to collaborate with another studio for subs.

  6. I hope this is an April Fools’ joke but it wouldn’t be anywhere near cruel if they had said that SC would collaborate with either Bel Ami or Corbin Fisher.

  7. they did, Noel and Dennis flip flop and they discuss Noel’s outing in the interview–very hot scene, Noel bred twice.

  8. In other news: Pope Francis announced that he and Pope Emeritus Benedict have wed and are off to their castle in the Alban Hills to honeymoon.

  9. And you think that TIM would be a better choice? Who’s April fooling whom, sir?

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