Q & A with Toby Dutch with regards to his transsexual scene

The latest gay porn star I've seen crossed over to transsexual porn is Toby Dutch [gallery].

Transsexualporn_tobydutch_02 Transsexualporn_tobydutch_03 

So, I asked Toby, who calls Amsterdam his home, a few questions with regards to his experience.

What made you decide to do a transsexual scene? A  good friend, asked me for her own company a Trans shoot, and why not, I have respect for these people, and I can tell you, i like it !!;)

Was this a one time experience or will there be more? there are coming  much more movies with a trans  i .Like it;)

How was the experience? cool!, i like it

What is the difference (atmosphere in the set) between filming a gay and transsexual scene? nothing, the same…

Do you prefer to film gay or transsexual scenes (regardless of the money)? hehe, well i think a gay scene for sure 😉

Fans will always ask, are you gay, bi, straight or something? i'm gay, guys !, who gives a fuck, i like it all 😉

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29 thoughts on “Q & A with Toby Dutch with regards to his transsexual scene

  1. Sorry but, if he likes it all, wouldn’t that make him pansexual?
    Still, I am sure that there is a public for this, so it falls within his particular job description, I guess.

  2. Okay, if you’re a MTF transsexual who is attracted to females (a transgender lesbian like Lana Wachowski) but you have sex with gay men on camera for money… would you be gay-for-pay or straight-for-pay?? O.o

  3. Lol this is quite random. Did not expect him to shoot a scene like this. But, appreciate his honesty.

  4. Looking up at all the commenters at a loss for words to places their labels….labels, labels, labels.

  5. Labels, labels, labels?! I think the only label people truly have a problem with is… GAY.
    I mean, god forbid you call one of these gay-for-pay/BINO’s/tranny-chasers that word… there’ll be hell to pay!
    And this Dutch idiot who shot his dick full of Edex to shoot a scene with a tranny apparently doesn’t know what the definition of the word is…

  6. Your stupidity is hilarious to me.
    And who’s obsessed, du mbass?! I’m having a good laugh at a sad sack who calls himself gay but gets fucked in the ass by a dude (with butt implants and a bad weave) who thinks he’s a chick…

  7. Toby sounds like a really cool guy. He confuses those who want to make sure they attach just the right label to everybody.

  8. I wonder if you realize how utterly ignorant you sound. The same way you attack that “dude who thinks he’s a chick” others attack homosexuals for being “dudes who choose to fuck dudes.”
    Educate yourself on transgendered people instead of coming off like an uneducated prick.

  9. Trans, transsexual, transgender, cisgender, genderqueer, agender, intersex…
    Looks to me like it’s the trans community that is label-obsessed. :/

  10. HOT!!!!! Wish there were more super awesome T-Girl sites…..ANYONE HAVE SUGGESTIONS?!?!?!

  11. Didn’t he say in the interview that he’s GAY and likes it all, what are going on about??? smh

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