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Legend of Latin Boyz is now Aiden Garcia of Helix Studios (tip @ Nico)

Two months ago, Latin Boyz introduced an uncut big dicked Latin boy named Legend “He’s a versatile top (which is good because he has a cute butt, too) and was born in Colombia and raised in Florida. Sexually he loves fucking and sometimes getting fucked but says he can rarely find anyone that can swallow that huge dick so doesn’t really get off on getting head. We can understand that but it would sure be fun trying.



He is now an exclusive of Helix Studios under the name Aiden Garcia [twitter] “I’m 19 years old from Miami! I love volleyball, video games and lots of sushi. Usually super chill and easy going. I just love to have fun and to enjoy life to the fullest!” He is in a relationship with Elliot Grey [twitter]. The couple’s bareback scene was released today.