11 thoughts on “Drew Andrews

  1. I hope the 1994 9″ Drew Andrews made a ton of money doing those 300+ scenes and is now livin a comfortable life.

  2. I’m looking only at Ace Harden here… he’s a true definition of a DILF.
    Now about the Drews, def neither of them for me.
    But I’m 100% sure that Andy will would love the original Drew Andrews for very obvious reasons.

  3. Wow, this guy called Ace Harden is super hot and manly looking. I need to look him up. I am in ❤️

  4. The 1994 Drew has a beautiful dickhead, his other head is unremarkable. The modern day Drew is cute and will be wasted by that awful studio. If that age 37 is correct , he is a fantastic looking 37, he looks 24.

  5. The Original Drew (90’s) ALWAYS came to work HARD and full of lustful energy. He was a solid top, always ready to fuck. He kissed, sucked dick, and actually, could act a bit. I really do not remember a bad scene.
    Miss Him..

  6. Ace made some really good movies with Fox like Barnstorm and Ace in The Hole. I’m pretty sure he was straight IRL but he was an enthusiastic performer as G4P guys go and since there wasn’t much in the way of social media, no complaining about having to suck cock to put food on the table to ruin our image during “special time” with our penises.

  7. I watched the new Drew’s video with Bryce Beckett and I think that for a guy his age he is really Str84Pay–he is a terrific cocksucker and bottom and really wanted to clean Bryce’s cock of all the cum but got just a bit. Nice bush as well.

  8. It is IDIOTIC to name yourself after one of the hottest legendary gay porn star. It may as well be a new musician naming themselves Madonna.

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