Aspen Solomon, Diego Sans & Justin Taylor

Aspen Solomon

He started out as Aspen in 2011 at Chaos Men but later renamed to Aspen Solomon when he left the studio in 2014. He is back at Chaos Men after 7 years with his oral scene with Adrian Rose.

He got his fingers tattooed during his stint in jail last year before Covid-19 became a pandemic.

Diego Sans

Diego Sans never filmed a bareback scene at Men but he did on his fan site. It was Naked Sword who convinced him to film his first bareback scene with Beau Butler as his bottom.

Justin Taylor

Justin Taylor of Gay Hoopla is currently leading in a poll over Langley by a small margin as your favorite model this week. He first had a scene with facial hair at Bi Guys Fuck where he was fucked and pegged.

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  1. Wasn’t Aspen charged with possibly sexually abusing a minor in 2019/2020? What happened with that? Is it still waiting to go to trial? I know Str8 Up Gay Porn reported it, but nothing else has come up since.

    1. She was definitely underage and he was arrested for having sex with her. I’m not sure if he was convicted as a sex offender though.

    2. I took his real name out, even though it’s not hard to find, but this is from a website aimed at parents, to help them protect their children against paedophiles. The title of the article was: #ChildMolester | Gay film star arrested for child molestation in Dunwoody

      A metro Atlanta man who stars in gay adult films was arrested in DeKalb County earlier this month and charged with child molestation while already facing charges for allegedly kicking in the door of an apartment while drunk.
      REAL NAME, 29, was arrested Feb. 3 and charged with child molestation, according to DeKalb jail and court records. He was released from jail on Feb. 6.

      The charge stems from an incident on Dec. 21, 2018, according to court records. The Dunwoody Police Department, which filed the arrest warrant for REAL NAME, declined to release the incident report or any details of the case.

      Two days after being released from jail, on Feb. 8, REAL NAME launched a Go Fund Me campaign to raise $24,500 for legal fees related to the case. It included this pitch:

      Fans. As we all know I was recently incarcerated due to false allegations of a felonious act I supposedly committed in December of 2018. Due to the nature of the allegations I’d rather not share with you. Currently this charge carries a minimum of a 5 year sentence. As we all know attorneys can be ungodly expensive and this case is not one I’d be willing to take a plea bargain with. Please help. Save my ass. Or you’ll never get to see the best of me.

      The crowd funding campaign was deleted a few days after being highlighted in a story by Str8UpGayPorn, which reports on the gay sex film industry. The effort had raised a few hundred dollars.

      REAL NAME (photo, from 2017 arrest) peforms as Aspen for several gay studios, including and NextDoor Studios. He made his debut in the adult film industry in 2011 as a model with Chaos Men. He has been married to a woman and has at least one young daughter, according to court records and his social media profiles.

      REAL NAME’s arrest was only the latest in a criminal record that dates back to at least 2011 and includes arrests in Florida, Georgia and North Carolina. In Georgia, jail and court records show that REAL NAME has been arrested in Cobb, DeKalb and Gwinnett counties.

      On June 23, 2019, REAL NAME was arrested in Dunwoody and charged with criminal trespass – a misdemeanor – after allegedly kicking open the door of an apartment at about 1 a.m., according to an incident report from the Dunwoody Police Department.

      When police arrived, one of the three men inside the apartment was nude and detaining REAL NAME, according to the incident report.

      “The residents of the apartment subdued the suspect and were holding him until we arrived,” Officer M.C. Noel wrote in the report. “Once on scene I entered the apartment door that had been kicked open with significant force with wood shards all over the ground.”

      “I saw [one of the residents] in the corner of the apartment holding Mr. REAL NAME in a rear naked choke hold. I immediately placed Mr. REAL NAME into custody,” Noel added.

      Police said REAL NAME “reeked of alcoholic beverages and admitted to drinking that evening,” according to the incident report. He slurred his words and told police he was there – with his service dog – to see his ex-wife and children.

      “Mr. REAL NAME was unaware that he was at the wrong apartment and forgot that his wife moved out of the area with his children after the divorce,” Noel wrote in the report.

      The men inside the apartment told police they did not know REAL NAME.

      He was released on a $1,500 bond that prohibited from him returning to the apartment or drinking alcohol. The case remains open.

      In February 2019, REAL NAME posted to his personal Instagram images of a registration for a service dog named Dante. The dog is registered with a firm called the U.S. Animal Registry.

      In 2018, REAL NAME received an identification card from the Georgia Low THC Oil Registry, according to a social media post. The registry allows people to legally posses up to 20 ounces of low THC oil to treat symptoms from a variety of ailments, including cancer, seizures related to epilepsy or head trauma, Tourette’s syndrome, intractable pain, end-stage AIDS and Post-traumatic stress disorder.

      REAL NAME’s arrest in 2019 took place while he was apparently on probation for an earlier arrest in which he was accused of beating a roommate.

      A Cobb County grand jury indicted REAL NAME in August 2018 on a single count of aggravated assault. He allegedly hit his roommate repeatedly with an aluminum rod on March 24, 2018, according to the indictment. REAL NAME, who at the time lived in Norcross, was released from jail on $16,000 bond, according to court records.

      In January 2019, REAL NAME negotiated a guilty plea to a reduced charge of disorderly conduct in the case. He was sentenced to 12 months probation and fined $250, according to court records.

      In June 2019 – while apparently still on probation – he was arrested in Dunwoody for allegedly kicking in the apartment door.

      In 2017, REAL NAME was charged with criminal damage to property – a felony – after an incident in Gwinnett in October 2016, according to court records. The case was later dismissed.

      In May 2013, REAL NAME was charged with simple battery and criminal trespass in Gwinnett, according to court records. The case was later dismissed.

      We reached out to REAL NAME through his Twitter handle and phone number listed in court documents, and will update the story if he responds.

      1. Atlanta is a gay city and full of DL men. There is more to that apartment story especially if one of those guys was nude. Probably a hookup gone wrong.

        The allegations were “allegedly” made up or whatever because was in a spat with his baby momma and they were fighting for custody? (Please confirm)

        Aspen is one confused dude that’s for sure

      2. Fuck me, this is the Reg’st post that Reg ever posted. Replying to cunt-in-chief Muggy, no less.
        It’s two screwball assholes for the price of one.

        1. Phil H throwing down for an accused child predator. I wish I could say I was shocked, but it’s on brand for you.

          1. Patented Phil H. If it’s a paedophile, a rapist, a wife beater who’s done gay porn, but he fancies them…he’ll start a GoFundMe for their plane ticket to visit him.

  2. It’s been interesting (and ultimately hot) watching Aspen’s transition from apathetic, lackluster performer to a starved-for-cock pig. I love seeing him get fucked now.

    DIego Sans, since he decided to top only, is boring AF to me.

    1. I’ve always liked Aspen, especially when he started out in ChaosMen. Too bad for his personal life, but I’ve always enjoyed watching him getting fucked.

      Diego Sans, I’ve never been a fan of, even when he was getting fucked in Randy Blue.

      1. Aspen has done some what would, I guess, be considered odd scenes for Next Door; one where he and Dante Colle flip fuck while Dante has a phone call with his girlfriend the whole time. Another where he and Ryan Jordan fuck each other while Aspen plays a video game. You know, I have to say, both those scenes were hot.

        Aspen is at his horniest, though, in amateur content. He may be crazy, but he’s definitely crazy for cock IRL.

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