Brock Bradley or Calvin Beckham? (Model of the Month – February 2022)

The weekly poll winners for the month of February 2022.

Week 1 – None Of The Above got the most number of votes.

Week 2 – Brock Bradley of Bi Guys Fuck

Week 3 – None Of The Above got the most number of votes

Week 4 – Calvin Beckham of Gay Hoopla

Vote for your favorite model for the month of February 2022.

This poll is no longer accepting votes

Brock Bradley or Calvin Beckham?
545 votes
Ends on 03/31/2022

11 thoughts on “Brock Bradley or Calvin Beckham? (Model of the Month – February 2022)

    1. you know these are winners of previous polls, right? so it’s not like our blogger has picked these two; the voters have

      1. Well,on Onlyfans the gays are actually doing the work. It is the straight men that are doing next to nothing yet still dominating because gays with low self esteem are still holding out hope. You have to be stupid to sub to a straight guy’s Onlyfan and watch his bang a chick every now and then hoping that you will get something gay.

  1. I don’t think none of the above should be included… someone has to be the “best”, even if it’s a below average group.

    1. Obviously, someone must be the best, if you forced folks to choose amongst the guys but we’re given a choice called “none of the above” because a significant number of voters were so unimpressed with the lot that they didn’t wanna be forced to choose the LEAST WORST. Some weeks there’s just no good choice.

      Let’s illustrate. Pick one of the following things to swallow: 1) cat piss, 2) dog shit or 3) pelican snot. Ewww, I don’t wanna swallow any of those things, can I choose none of the above? Why, yes you can! See how that works, Ray?

  2. In this case, there should be another option included in the poll: BOTH. I find it impossible to favour one over the other, as both men are gorgeous.

  3. By MOP blog standards, Brock should win since he did some semi-gay stuff including bottoming at the BGF site. But the way he acted after the sex was over sort of said he was just doing it for the more money that bottoming pays. Calvin is obviously better looking but has only done a straight scene at HGF. So I won’t be surprised if Calvin or None wins.

    1. Yeah, I’m not a fan of tats but Calvin is the best. The poll question is open ended but it kinda gets down to one of two mindsets…do you vote for the hottest looking guy or do you vote for the hottest guy that you think is going to perform in a porn video that interests you. A lot of the Bel Ami guys are the hottest looking but I know there’s a very high likelihood that they’ll appear in very robotic, extremely tightly directed and produced, every sex scene is the same, gay porn video.

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