Cash, Mitchell Rock, Brady Jensen, Steven Daigle, Jimmy Clay, Cain, Chad Connors & Robert Axel (Jan. 2010)

Cash of Active Duty bottomed for the first time via his flip fuck scene [gallery] with Kayden Saylor.

Cash committed suicide in 2019.

Mitchell Rock [movies] did solos in 2003 as Shane at Randy Blue.

Jonah (aka Brady Jensen) of Sean Cody was introduced.

Steven Daigle [movies] of American Big Brother Season 10 (evicted on week 2) was convinced to film for gay porn for the movie XXXPosed.

Jimmy Coxx was now known as Jimmy Clay [movies] at Next Door Studios [gallery]. He left in 2013 and came back in 2016. He was arrested in 2020 for assault in a homeless camp.

Cain was introduced by Corbin Fisher, who was spotted in a body physique competition in 2016.

Chad Connors (then vs 2010) for Falcon Studios.

Jake Cruise was not the first guy to taste Robert Axel [movies]. He was first known in 2006 (?) as Pitbull at Taggaz (now gone).

17 thoughts on “Cash, Mitchell Rock, Brady Jensen, Steven Daigle, Jimmy Clay, Cain, Chad Connors & Robert Axel (Jan. 2010)

  1. These guys were so superior to what we have today. Cash/Chad’s suicide in the woods was particular sad. He was a stunner.

  2. If you wanna see some really hot scenes check out Corbin Fisher’s archives. About 10-12 years ago Cain stared in scores of hot scenes. He was good looking, muscular, hung and a great performer top or bottom. He was one of the CF greats.

    1. Cain also evolved as a performer, seeming to be mean and extremely GFP in his first scenes but getting more and more into it over his stay at Corbin Fisher. What a hard-bodied, athletic stud he was. Cain wasn’t my favorite from the Golden Years (that was Travis), but I’ll frequently load up some of his scenes for a satisfying trip down memory lane. He worked during the transition from condoms to bareback and did duos with other guys, bi scenes, and m/f.

  3. Taste is subjective, but I think Bruiser is 100% correct that guys in porn were hotter 10-12 years ago. What do I mean by “hotter”? They seemed more wholesome, more like the “guy next door,” less vandalized with overdone tats and piercings, more muscular, and… more happy? I realize that some of the smiles were fake (poor Cash). But I can’t help worry that, 10 years from now, many of today’s “stars” will be in even worse shape–if they’re even alive–than the latest/greatest of 2010.

  4. Jimmy Coxx/Clay was truly a damn freak. He loves gay sex. It was shocking when on his Twitter he said he had a girlfriend and yet during the pandemic he was always asking guys to send him dick pics and ass pics in his DMs.

    I believe he was starting to come to grips with his homosexuality right before his assault situation. He started speaking about feelings for men and how he couldn’t fight them. He had broke up with his GF and he was into his sous chef job.

    He’s another example of how tats can just subdue the pure attractiveness of these guys. I still think he’s sexy but not loving the ink. That man is capable of some of the most intense and strongest anal orgasms I’ve ever scene.

    1. Jimmy/Nick was one of my favorites not only because he was bellissimo and loved to get fucked but he was a doppelganger of my late partner. Pity about the tats. Looks like drugs finally got him arrested for assault. Tragic.

  5. Jimmy Coxx is not for me anymore… I loved his scenes, he was always “exploding” a massive and powerful squirt… just thinking about it make me horny, but sadly not anymore 🙁

  6. Robert Axel was a snooze as a performer. I liked Jimmy Clay, but when he came back with that mess of tattoos…well, they were regrettable.

  7. mitchell rock was such a hot muscle bttm…active duty was never the same after kayden stopped performing and recruiting for that site

  8. Cain was hands down my favorite Corbin Fisher model of that era. He was such a gorgeous Latino with the fittest body and prettiest uncut penis and was no stranger to versatility. He has a deleted scene where he speaks spanish that is so hot.

    I wonder if he departed CF on bad turns because I don’t even think he was mentioned during the Twitter tribute they had last year. I thought he was one of their most popular models, but they mentioned Aiden, Travis, and many others and he didn’t get a shout out. Corbin Fisher’s fanbase is quite prejudice but Cain would be considered a white latino to me? Was it because the site is geared toward all american men?

  9. Ironically, Cain’s real name is Abel. I saw him on a site like facebook couple of years ago and he had gone into construction. I saw a pic of him climbing up a light pole wearing a hard hat, He bulked up quite a bit but still looked good. Anyway, no matter what team he pitches for IRL, I wish him well.

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