13 thoughts on “Viktor Butt & his 4 other names (tip @ nekszus)

  1. VIKTOR BUTT ???? Should be named VIKTOR MONSTER COCK !
    Oh, and his partner in the Helix scene… John Crawford, there is “something” about this guy. I have seen him twice now. He really seems to like filming sex with guys! He is a “star” on the rise.

    1. John Crawford is Robert Smola at The William Higgins and Higgins Straighthell sights. He usually has a beard and he is Gay and mostly a bottom. He has about 20 scenes between these two sites. Enjoy.

      1. I didn’t know… Thanks! There is just something about that guy hits me right…

  2. Thank you. Interesting his cock size comparison:
    WH: 17 cm, 6.69 inch
    Staxus 26(!) cm, 10.2 inch
    Boyfun 22.9 cm, 9 inch

  3. He identified as str8 in his Higgins solo but I bet it was filmed before he moved to Staxus, Helix and Southern Strokes because he eats cum in a couple of those scenes.

    1. Bo, thanks for your regular observations and review of who’s eating what – will definitely check that out!

    2. Girl, do you believe what they say? He literally has extremely gay mannerisms even in that interview.

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