Same security guard & young perp paired more than once as if it was their first time ruins the fantasy at Young Perps

Young Perps is all about the security guards and the young guys accused of theft.

Young males cost retailers millions of dollars due to their sticky finger actions. These boys and men are straight-up thieves and those that get caught must be punished. Here at Young Perps, we take stealing seriously, and making these males take dick to avoid jail is the only answer. This is what we’re required to do. Suck dick and take it deep or go directly to jail! Our security guards and loss prevention officers are hung and hungry for straight boy ass!

The last four scenes at Young Perps had a security guard with the same perp more than once. Yet, the scene descriptions felt like it was the first time the young perp was caught by the security guard.

Myott and Malakia are caught up to no good but are reprimanded by officers AJ and Christian. Apparently, Myott and Malakai are pervy when it comes to public sex and love a little voyeurism in their lives. AJ and Christian don’t mind the show but can’t help but join in on the fun after a little while.

A young and naive Myott gets caught stealing at a shopping mall by Officer Sloan. Although Myott thinks that he can play smarter cards than the officer, his nervousness quickly gets the best of him. When he’s caught in a lie, Myott owes Officer Sloan even more than he was in for.

Malakai and Rave have been causing trouble around the town, so security officer Christian holds them for questioning in his office. But Malakai and Rave get the upper hand when they subdue Christian and take his keys. Before they return to their graffiti extravaganza, the two trouble makers have some fun with Christian.

Security guard Christian brings suspected thief Malakai to the back room for some questioning. After Malakai denies everything Christian insists on doing a pat down which turns into a deep cavity search!

Young Perps is selling a fantasy. Seeing the same security guard & young perp doing it more than once as if it was their first time ruins the fantasy.


  1. Camille

    “ruins the fantasy” yeah you’re right

  2. OldFatGuy

    Let’s get real; there are staffing shortages in every type of business so why should gay porn be any different. Just about every “studio” and most websites have a limited stable of tops and especially bottoms so its either repeats or nothing.

  3. Ty Huber

    I’m sure security staff encounter the same perps over and over; that doesn’t strain credulity. But it’s a little lazy from the writing/directing standpoint to suggest it’s a new sexual experience. But viewers need to play along, too. I’m amused when a model is presented as a virgin when we’ve seen him fuck dozens of times in other scenes. The fantasy is all in our mind.

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