From Paul Wagner to Pierce Paris for Malik Delgaty at Men

Paul Wagner is the latest bottom of Malik Delgaty at Men.

Next week, it will be Pierce Paris.

Malik is the opposite of Johnny Rapid. It’s one bottom after another for Malik at Men.

4 thoughts on “From Paul Wagner to Pierce Paris for Malik Delgaty at Men

  1. The return of Bored Man, aka Plank Of Wood. He might still hold the title of most uninterested in what he’s doing Gay4Pay porn star and the jabbing / jack-rabbit / basically just masturbating but with a person there motion he does certainly isn’t appealing.

  2. I will watch anything with Paul Wagner in it, especially if he gets a mouthful of cum. He has lasted longer than any other SC man on the planet and deserves better than to be paired with the stiff Delgaty. Paris, on the other hand, needs a good fucking.

  3. You know, I’m really tired of porn studios not reading the room and telling us that what ever they produce is basically the “community standards” . If that were the case, I’d assume that everyone I met on the street is G4P only.. which is not the case or reality.. I mean to each is to own, but come on, enough is enough already.. atleast back in the 70s, 80s, and 90s, they majority of gay porn stars WERE GAY…

    If I had a suggestion to make, it would be for the studios to”Do better”.. and as consumers for us to demand better..

  4. I agree .. studios really need to start listening to us as a community and not as a commodity..A perfect example of this is the upcoming gay romcon “Bros”. If anything, check that out and you’ll see what I’m talking about. For me It’s the first true gay film of the last 2 decades that paints a real picture of gay life that doesn’t end in misery, suffering, or the main character turning evil due to his sexuality.

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