Langley Gold, Roman Todd, Clark Reid, Jeremiah Cruz & Lionel Lilac

The 6’4 Langley Gold as the top to Landon Davis at Raunchy Bastards.

The 6’1 Roman Todd as the bottom to the 5’6″ Leon King (aka Leon Foreman) & the 5’7″ Danny Parker (aka Caleb Mills & @Steviesugartits) at Next Door Studios [gallery].

The 6’1″ Clark Reid as the bottom to the 5’8″ Kyle Fletcher at Sean Cody.

The 5’9″ Jeremiah Cruz as the top to the 5’3″ Kit Thorne at Bi Guys Fuck.

The 6’5 Lionel Lilac as the top to the 5’10” Tonyx at Kristen Bjorn.

5 thoughts on “Langley Gold, Roman Todd, Clark Reid, Jeremiah Cruz & Lionel Lilac

  1. I can’t take Roman seriously since he dropped the “bi” act and is now openly gay and gushing about his girlfriend on Twitter. And it looks like Ryan Bone broke up with his girlfriend, so I’m not sure what he’s gushing about these days :-/

    1. It’s porn industry, don’t take it seriously. All your fantasy bubbles will burst. All the “bi” guys end up being straight, getting married, having kids and leaving you alone with several dollars short.

      1. Agree after fooling us out of our hard earn cash and wasting our time lusting over them and then returning back to their ‘normal’ hetero lives! We have to stop embracing these men and learn to love our openly Gay Performer more!

    2. I’m not sure why anyone should care about which way he swings. I’d bend him over and fuck him, but I have no interest in anything more and I don’t care about his life stories or hangups. Who knows why Todd does what he does. As porn personalities, many of them are opportunists with sexual preferences that go toward wherever the money is. And that’s just fine.

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