Your thoughts on Rod’s Room

It has been over a month since Rod’s Room was launched. The site is all about gorgeous men, intimate encounters & raw sexuality.

Roman Todd & Brandon Anderson [gallery]

Michael Boston & Ty Santana [gallery]

Dakota Payne & Beau Butler [gallery]

Jayden Marcos & Damien Cruz [gallery]

Joseph Castlian & Julian Brady [gallery]

Luke Truong & Chris Damned [gallery]

Jordan Starr & Dalton Riley [gallery]

Isaiah Taye & Nico Coopa [gallery]

👍 or 👎?

12 thoughts on “Your thoughts on Rod’s Room

  1. sadly, these scenes (purposefully) are too glossy & color corrected for me. The overproduced images lose their appeal to get off to (IMO). For me, NDS, CF, and SC are still superior, as they don’t go for the gimmicks of ROD’s (or Disruptive.)

  2. You can detect the sex addiction and mental illness in some of these guys just by looking at them. Very scrubby looking.

    1. Same guys over and over. I’m not over Roman Todd yet, although he is in everything that comes down the pike (and I like flip fuck scenes). Beau Butler has never done anything for me, and he, Michael Boston, and Dakota Payne are in EVERYTHING. Chris Damned, overexposed.

      So I don’t get the point of this new studio: same old guys, same old pairings.

  3. Actually, the scenes are not as color saturated as the photos make them seem. And the idea of having the director interact with the models during the scene, making eye contact with him, hearing his directions, soliciting their reactions, make these videos really, really unique. I’m really glad I joined.

  4. Funny that the director is Michael Vegas (James Oak), who not only identifies as straight but on several occasions bashed own his gay for pay history and yapped about how disgusted he was by it all. This is exploitation at its worst. No one should be giving him their dollars.

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