7 thoughts on “Adam Killian fisted Sean Weiss

  1. Damn I feel bad for whoever does his manicure afterwards. Fisting is just not it for me personally. It makes me cringe rather than horny.

    I’ve always wondered something and this is a genuine question…. To those who do participate in fisting, what does the fister get out of fisting and what does the fisted get out of it as well?

  2. Killian’s surgically altered lips, excessive ink and weight gain has made him look really worn out. It’s good for younger guys to see how bad decisions that you think are cute in your 20’s can make you age really badly.

  3. These guys are going to pay for this as they grow older. I hope they have good medical insurance to close that hole when they grow older and the butt muscle isn’t as strong as in youth.

  4. Adam Killian completely lost his beauty with so many plastic surgeries. His lips look like a duck’s beak. And what a disgusting and ugly thing Fisting is! Who wants to see guts? It’s gross. Instead of turning me on, it completely turns me off. And I agree with everyone who says that these performers will pay in old age. It spoils the inside of the body. I´m sorry for Sean Weiss, because he is gorgeous.

  5. Personally I think each to their own. Fisting does not really do it for me but does for others! Adam K does not look good but is still performing! Sean W is fit and enjoys being fisted which fair play he appears to be good at it!

  6. If Adam Killian is trying to look like a 90s circuit queen then mission accomplished.

    As for fisting, I work in a walk in clinic in a major gay city and I can personally say that most of our clients are guys who suffer from either anal fissures, anal prolapse, or anal leaking.. and these aren’t old men. Having your ass ruined at 30 and wearing adult diapers isn’t sexy.

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