Pierce Paris “Producers that film bi porn or trans porn should share with the female performers which male talent does or doesn’t shoot with HIV positive models in gay porn. Everyone deserves communication, transparency and a choice.”

Pierce Paris wants the HIV status of crossover male porn stars be disclosed to their female scene partners.

The first to disagree were Tony Genius and Max Konnor.

Roman Todd agreed with Pierce.

This is not the first time that Pierce talked about cross over porn stars. In the now deleted tweet in 2019, Pierce apologized for saying that crossover porn stars are unpopular due to the HIV+ performers from the gay industry.

16 thoughts on “Pierce Paris “Producers that film bi porn or trans porn should share with the female performers which male talent does or doesn’t shoot with HIV positive models in gay porn. Everyone deserves communication, transparency and a choice.”

  1. Go away, Pierce. You’re digging yourself in a hole every time you open your mouth to speak. I think it’s fair to say that most of your non-G4P colleagues are sick to death of you and your self-righteous superiority.

    1. First to post…. Again…, You’re offended by men and young men…. Sorry boys being together, but it’s okay to have sex with someone who might be HIV positive and keep your mouth shut regarding letting future partners know. Nice priorities…

  2. On one I get what they are advocating for. On the other hand that introduces discrimination based hirin. Yeah the straight side does it but the gay side is suppose to be “inclusive” and HIV is unfortunately something that is close to and hits home for this side of the industry.

    But leave it to the woman loving guys to voice their ignorance on this matter.

  3. And just who should be obligated to “disclose” the HIV status of partners of “cross over” models? Is his opinion that he should disclose the status of other performers? How about not doing “cross over” work. I’ve never gotten the appeal of Pierce, and certainly wouldn’t mind if he wasn’t included in gay porn.

  4. When will people stop defending the likes of Pierce Paris, Romand Todd, Ricky Larking and co. because they ‘film with everyone so they are open-minded’. They might fiilm with anyone, true, but have you seen what they say and think? They are the most narrow-minded, bigoted kind of people and they waste no time showing their (not so) internalized homophobia EVERY chance they get. It’s so annoying how they all get a free pass to be horrible people just because they created this (fake) brand of filming videos with every kind of performer. That does NOT make them good people at all.

    1. Unfortunately these are exactly the type of people all the studios are hiring these days. I just feel bad for the gay youth who read these tweets…

      1. Dementes o sea que les parece bien que un actor VIH positivo contagie a otro …aplaudo su cobardía…son repugnantes

  5. Pierce Paris is finally realizing his best days on camera are behind him, so he’s throwing other performers who actually do good work (and actually stay hard) under the bus in a futile effort to make himself look more castable.

  6. The fact is that these HIV positive performers don’t want any testing, protections or anything else that might hamper their activities. Good for Pierce for standing up to the bullies and crazies that are running rampant in gay porn with their claims of being “undetectable”. It’s not about discrimination, it’s about greed and a total lack of concern for other people – and this includes the shade producers who are not telling performers the truth.

  7. Ally isn’t the word to describe these men. They’re users and they do a clever job masquerading themselves b/c they call themselves versatile performers. They shoot all genres of porn and yell to the rooftops that they’re inclusive yet when the opportunity knocks they insert such vile behavior and rhetoric towards us good ole gays. Now for the longest time we’ve seen Pierce say some crazy shit out the side of his neck. He’s so bad at what he does for porn yet so good at putting his foot in his mouth as easily as he puts his balls in his ass.

    Imagine if what he proposes was set in daily life. It’s like going to the doctor and instead of then calling your name, they say “Mr. Lee. The man who has high blood pressure, eczema, athlete’s foot and herpes. The doctor will see you now.” Sounds fucking ludicrous right?

    To all the gays that worship the ground he walks on, look at who was the first to agree. Good ole Roman Todd. I’m not for sure when we got blindsided by muscle and sex that we’ve excused low to high level homophobia but Roman has had numerous times we’re he’s shown true colors. Hell I can’t stand Max Konnor but at least he spoke out against it all.

    For these men to correlate the stigma of HIV to the “gay” men who do porn is quite crazy. Last time I checked, women can transmit and spread HIV too. These men immediately want to direct the blame our way. Saddening to say the least. Homophobic to say the most. If Pierce, Roman, Ricky, Dante, Michael Del Ray, Dillon, Draven or any of these other guys want to reduce their chances because of their fears of transmission, they should do condom porn and should practice safe sex. Not just with other men but with women too.

    Alienation of HIV+ performers does nothing more than make them go back into hiding and that’s not right. I believe we all should be taking proper measures in our sex lives. We can strengthen this battle by using medicinal advancements, protection if possible and gaining strength by informing ourselves. That doesn’t mean broadcasting our personal info to all. It should be between the people engaging in their sexual activity.

  8. I disagree with Pierce Paris this guy sounds bigoted against HIV positive models. If a model is HIV positive chances are he is on medication. Also since Pierce can get on PREP what’s the fucking issue? HIV status is a very personal thing. If a HIV positive mam taking his medication he is undetectable. Pierce needs to educate himself. Or even better leave gay porn and go to straight porn if he is so worried about getting HIV from a man.

  9. People do have a right to make a decision on wether they want to have sex with an HIV/AIDS positive person, no matter if they’re detectable or undetectable! It’s their right to decline, and no one else has the right to pressure them into having sex with someone they don’t want to! Fuck the stigma BS! Also Pierce must be Brain dead if he cannot comprehend that the women in porn can may still be having sex with HIV positive people outside of porn! If he is going to make the crossover performers share then the women should also be made to share that info! He seems to no get the concept that people also have sex in their private lives without cameras involved!

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