Justin Stone “I wanted to apologize to my fan base for begging I am incredibly sorry”

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  1. Honestly I’m happy that I’m a “bad gay” cause after reading these tweets, I’ll take my basic, humdrum, drama free life any day over what these people are offering.

  2. Call me a sucker but I feel sorry for these young men like Justin Sloan. I wouldn’t go back to being that age for anything. Hope they get the help and the care and the love they need before it’s too late.

  3. Could David Skylar be any more nauseatingly narcissistic? The gay porn community doesn’t want your straight ass anymore. Deal with it, you tool. Just disappear and live a life that suits you.

    Anytime, Craig Marks.. Anytime. 😀

    I agree with Charlie Cherry. Straight oriented content creators that fake gay porn are disgraceful. We’ve had the Jake Orions, the Alfie Cinematics, and the Jeff Kassers. You’ve got to be an opportunistic sociopath to lower yourself to the deceit they’ve perpetrated on their collective fanbases. I remember on Mario Adrion’s YouTube page interviewing Alfie. If I remember correctly, both he and Mario both implied that Alfie was gay. Maybe it was facetious banter, but it was very misleading and deceptive. Alfie continued to engage in forced homoerotic scenes via his OF. Sorry Alfie. Just because you’re comfortable enough being naked in the same room with another guy, does not make you gay. Nice try though.

    1. This is the same disdain some of us have for these guys who do gay porn and talk about how str8 they are (like the Elliott Finn types) or the guys who do bi/str8 porn but talk about how they’re gay (like Drew Dixon/Riley Mitchel types). It’s the same bad taste it leaves in your mouth.

      It’s a play of those who go through struggles of actually being those labels and the constant hatred that we go through just to make a mockery or feed naysayers. Tons of people will say we’re thinking too deep. Some say that it’s just porn but it goes beyond and it’s refreshing for some who are actually in the adult industry being vocal about these blokes.

      1. Drew Dixon? In Bi or Straight porn.
        Are you sure?

        I couldn’t find mention of him going to the Dark side anywhere?

        So many of my favourites have been lost to the dark side.

        1. Affairs of Lidya. Film by Bruce LaBruce.

          Drew released an bio vid for HimerosTV where he talked about being flamboyant. He talked about how his family and friends didn’t except his homosexuality. He said he would never have sex with a female because he’s a gay man.

          After saying how gay he was and literally tweeting that sentence a multitude of times per month, he then engaged in two str8 sex scenes and one big bisexual orgy for this movie.

          After deleting responses and silencing people who questioned, commented or ridiculed him about his blatant lie and the str8 sex scenes, he then went on to say that it was his best film ever and the highlight of his career. The movie was horrendous and the backlash was well deserved.

      2. It definitely goes both ways and you can examine it from either angle. There are a LOT of guys in the industry that (if I should be so bold to say) are in fact bisexual, but downplay it or even deny it to the point of disregard. The guys that would only have relationships with women off camera, yet are still genuinely attracted to males sexually. It annoys me, but it’s not our problem, I guess. These guys have a lot of inner turmoil and are not comfortable in their own skin. That’s a separate thing altogether. Jake Orion and Alfie are (in my estimation) not in the least bit bisexual, much less gay. They capitalize on their physical attributes and endowments and mislead gay men into thinking they’re of the same ilk…. If you’re selling a product (in this case, that product being yourself) and you’re misrepresenting it under false pretenses, you’re committing fraud. And that’s precisely what these guys are. Fraudsters.

  4. The worst thing about only fans you can’t preview the porn. There is a website LPSG which has an only fans section. I go there and see if a male content creator is good or not. There are straight men like Jake Andrich or Vince Azzopardi who are clear that are straight. For some gay men it is a turn on to see a hot straight man nude. The guys who are awful like peachy boy he actually now works with high profile gay models. The problem is they tease the audience gay men waste money but no gay sex. Rossilino is not good and another British guy Rhys Sachett or Rhys the Tattoo guy awful.

    1. I hate LPSG; It is a cesspool of weirdos with no self-esteem. You want to know some self-loathing, straight men worshiping fools look no further than LPSG. That forum will make you feel like you’ve made the wrong lifestyle choice.

      1. Yeah it’s gross over there. The str8 obsession weirdos are rampant. They put these guys on pedestals for no reason whatsoever and there are also these weird guys that have an obsession with literal threads of “gay” men sleeping with women or “gay” men doing str8 or bi porn. When someone points out the problems and states how these str8 guys bait 24/7 and on the flip side how they’re not gay, these obsessive guys want to report them or get them banned from the site. It’s toxic as fuck on LPSG. I’ve never seen so many people get banned on a daily basis. They strategically don’t have a thumbs down button and the moderators suck ass.

        1. You’re right. They have an obsession with anything straight and will argue with you when you say a guy is gay or bisexual with proof. So weird. I hate that forum. I try to stick to the niche side when I visit.

      2. Well said as loads of commentators on LPSG and I note Instagram on the Elliott Finn page, are beyond delusional. Its seriously worrying for those individuals with internal homophobia by encouraging and confused then to take their rhetoric as the truth!

    2. Oh, Rhys Sachett is a nightmare! He created his own knock-off OnlyFans website, but he’s just a gay-baiter. The worst example though has to be Jake Herbert, who peddles an incest USP with his dad…but his dad died. He just rereleases old photos and tries to get new subscribers by trolling Grindr and Tinder.

  5. Kudos to a big pornstar like Charlie Cherry speaking out. I commend him. I used to like OF because it started off as a BTS look at your favorite pornstars, but now I loathe it because of all the constant gay baiting from bros on there faking gay content from Fitnarad to PeachySam to Zach Beech to Sepanta to xLeo to Max Barz, and countless others who have been on the cusp of a gay experience for the last 5 years. These guys run OF now. These losers have formed some type of bro network group on Twitter that helps shill each others OF pages through collabs and reposts. They’re so shameless that they will go into queer spaces pretending to be gay just to promote their OFs. I’ve seen a few of them pretending to be gay on Tik Tok and using gay hashtags. It has been going on for too long and enough is enough. Shame on gay men like Rhyheim and Daniel Montoya who allow these men to use their platforms to get exposure. Shame on the gay men who subscribe to such trash and keep them afloat. I’m tired of us complaining about gay and bi erasure while adding to it.

  6. WOW…Skylar is back with a vengeance then. He actually seems worse than before and I didn’t know that was possible.

    “the huge cocked, handsome, ripped, tall, professional, honest, hard working, devoted straight one”…he has a very high opinion of himself when in reality, “averagely sized cock, debatably handsome, there are better physiques, medium height, if you call yourself honest then please lie, welcher and no comment on your sexuality”.

  7. Jeez these guys are a weird lot in porn aren’t they bloody hell, or am I weird for reading all of the tweets associated with this article lol. Ta MOP for this, as its my regular Monday morning read when I should be working lol. My God these guys have delusions galore and there some gems in here.

    Charlie Cherry who is not my fav as he wont ever bottom, talks some sense but this is losing battle I’m afraid re fake Gay ‘Creators’ who are overly supported by the Gay Community. Rhyheim et al has not help by working with one individual thus gaining more attention, fans and making a wad of cash for himself!

    DeepDic Ok Gurl !

    Justin Stone well that life and this begging and crying wont help. This remind me of Roman Todd years ago begging for money after a car crash. Some one needs to tell these young uns in porn, that you need to careful with money et al, but Justin will learn!

    Roman Todd Totally Vacuous!

    David Skylar is attention seeking and just weird!

    Nate Grimes too much over sharing !

    Elliot Finn is another attention seeker and his continued denial gives him just that on twt and Instagram, and it makes him money re his beliefs! ,However his advice for working within the industry is useful for newbies wanting to take the plunge

    Conner Habib well done mate for your novel ‘Hawk Mountain ‘

  8. I will agree with some of what that dick said – you see so many gay performers who can barely get hard even with a couple of cock rings on! Is it the drugs?

    1. Completely agree. And it’s not just how Ty looks. It’s how he fucks. A great top is endlessly attentive to his bottom. And man, is he that. How he watches the guy he’s fucking, how he’s always aware of his pleasure as he brings him to orgasm. Whoof.

  9. DeepDicc – looks like a common pimp. Nothing special to talk about.
    CageKafig… not sure who you are. But you and your trailer are the most WT thing I’ve seen all week.
    Skylar – You’re apparently a complete ass to everyone you encounter. Your behavior is the cause of your problems.
    Craig Marks – You’re a sexy fucker.
    Nate Grimes – WTF is he doing in porn? Does anyone find him attractive? What kind of moron posts about his colonoscopy?
    Troy Daniels – Typical Florida panhandle meth-head look.
    Eddie Burke – Fucking sexy motherfucker
    “Lucy” Hart, you’re a total mess. It’d be comical if it weren’t so sad.

  10. Considering some of the objects/arms/traffic cones/ physical extremities Nate Grine has had inside him, I think a colonoscopy is the least interesting thing he has had up there

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