Torsten Ullman is done with Belami Online

Torsten Ullman had scenes released at Belami Online from 2015 to 2022.

It was mentioned in the scene of Torsten with Elio Chalamet that both guys were now focused with Only Fans “Both of these boys are now mainly focusing on filming their own content, but do pop back in every now to keep in practice.

I don’t think Torsten will be allowed back at Belami Online due to his tattoos.

4 thoughts on “Torsten Ullman is done with Belami Online

  1. That’s a pity, he’s a good performer and is looking smoking in the embedded Twitter preview video. While having no tatttoos at all is certainly better for the BA branding, the ones he’s currently sporting are by no means excessive or too distracting (like the neck tattoo Kevin Warhol has).

  2. Kris Evans was the last great gay porn STAR. Love to see him return but he seems to have dropped off the social media earth. Sugar daddy?

  3. Yes the scene with Kris Evans is hot. I read ages ago that Kris outed in his community for appearing on Bel Ami, which kind of is not a surprise really. It was reported at the time that Kris’s gay porn career was outed by a local in his home town when he spotted his designer clothes and nice car that Kris was able to afford with his new porn money.

    Kris and was told when he began to work for Bel Ami that he would become too popular too quickly to be able to contain it. George Duroy asked him to leave the police force because he knew it could create a scandal which could be exploited politically. Unfortunately, he didn’t listen and even though Bel Ami block access to our websites in Slovakia, Czech Republic and Hungary, this was found out that news of a police officer going off to shoot gay porn was seized upon as prime material for scandal.

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