First time of Marlon Costa, Juninho and Shy Montana

Marlon Costa’s first scene at Naked Sword had him share the hole of Sam Ledger with Rhyheim Shabazz.

Juninho’s first scene at Naked Sword had him bottom to the big dick of Andy Rodrigues.

Shy Montana with his third scene at Lucas Entertainment that had him bottom for the first time with Bruno Galvez as his top.

8 thoughts on “First time of Marlon Costa, Juninho and Shy Montana

  1. I am not fan of most of Rhyheim Shabazz’s and his stable of entourage scenes. I find their content samey and boring. Hot guys but something is lacking and missing for me. Though saying that loads of fans love them but just not me!

    1. I can’t agree with you more. Rhyheim’s scenes are so samey. That cause us audience boring. Especially I can’t see anything Rhyheim enjoying the sex(no matter top or bottom) at all. Just a fucking machine, no emotion feelings.

  2. Shy Montana is immaculate in my eyes. I wish the massage scene was longer in the video… but that’s just me because everything else was worth the money.

    Also, Andy Rodrigues has One Piece Tattoos, so now I’m instantly infatuated.

  3. I agree about Rhyheim, but I try not to complain because he is a huge reason why POC porn is prevalent today. However, I stopped watching his scenes long time ago. Group sex ain’t my thing and I’m beyond bored after the same faces 10 scenes later.

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