Rocco Steele “I’m in my hair transplant era. Day 6.”

Diesel’s friendship with Ryan Rose.

Diesel’s experience with Erik Rhodes

25 thoughts on “Rocco Steele “I’m in my hair transplant era. Day 6.”

  1. I actually feel bad for Rocco Steele. Hair transplants are not fun..

    Plus I’m sad to think he was possibility wearing a wig all this time 🙁

  2. Diesel Washington is interesting he is always complaining about white gay men yet he chases white men. He is a snow queen at least admit it man. It sounds like Diesel Washington is bitter
    he was in love with Ryan Rose. Ryan probably rejected him and told him he isn’t into Blacks. Some Black men are like this they get very angry and bitter when white men turn them down. But Ryan wasn’t feeling him like that. I don’t think Ryan Rose is into black men and Diesel feelings really got hurt. He keeps on tweeting like Ryan Rose that it sounds like unrequited love. Diesel needs to let Ryan Rose go. Ryan doesn’t talk about him he loved on.

    1. there’s a reason people avoid DW, and it’s not because he’s black. He’s crazier than a bedbug hopped up on cocaine.

    2. Diesel does this every so often to create drama and get him mentioned in the blogs. He’s a total drama queen trying to remain relevant. It’s sad and pathetic.

      1. He did some really good fucking in the past, like his scene with Jayden Ellis, but that was 10 years ago… I dont see him neither amateur or studio porn, he doesnt posts clips on twitter, just spiteful tweets about past experiences.

  3. Damn all of these people are so dysfunctional that it’s scary. Literally every last one of these guy on the list have varied ways of dysfunction.

  4. It’s very admirable to see Alexy Tyler has so many degrees, but now I can also see why he has to do porn. lol

  5. Mason Wyler looks like he is heading to an early grave.

    The appeal to fear by people like Owen Hawk isn’t very convincing. If somebody is neutral because they simply don’t resonate with trans issues then saying “they will come for you next” doesn’t change this. When the right comes for porn/LGB people then the vectors they are attacking can be defended in their own right.

    1. “vectors” ? oh lord, you are out of touch. btw they are coming for you as we speak.

      1. Yes, vectors. Trans people in sports, hormones/surgery for minors, and general postmodernist gender ideology have nothing to do with LGB people. In fact, many tenets of that ideology are contrary to LGB interests (e.g. giving rise to the term “genital preference”). If the right wants to attack LGB issues then they can be defended independently.

        1. and with your tiny brain you cannot figure out that they don’t actually care about those issues, but are using them to gain absolute power so they can go after others on their hit list? Who will be left to defend themselves? Certainly not koolaid drinkers like yourself.

          1. And you cannot figure out that repeatedly insulting people and making appeals to fear/slippery slopes are not helping you. Again, the issues I mentioned do not have anything to do with LGB interests. If/when LGB interests are attacked then those interests can be defended independently as they have been in the past—defending the ideology pushed by modern TQ activists is not a prerequisite to that.

            1. you are you neo nazi friends on here can go fuck themselves, and just like the real gay nazis who thought they were “protected” you will go down in flames with all the rest.

              1. It’s actually funny how incapable you are of changing your approach to this… you’re like a bot. Not a single attempt to explain why TQ issues and arguments are defensible in their own right, just “you should support this cause unconditionally otherwise you are an evil genocidal neo-Nazi who will be eventually be executed!!!! 🤪🤪😡😡”

                Your trite and transparent hysterics haven’t changed any minds here.

              2. Maybe more personal attacks will make him begin supporting you…? That definitely works.

                You’re too ideologically blinkered to appreciate how repellent this kind of aggressive activism is to the rest of the population.

                1. These people simply don’t understand that one can only cry wolf (or genocide) so many times until people stop giving a shit.

                  An interesting case study on this was the whole hysteria behind Hogwart’s Legacy.

              3. “… you neo nazi friends on here can go fuck themselves, and just like the real gay nazis who thought they were “protected” you will go down in flames with all the rest.”

                Jeezus dude… you were actually having a conversation until you became frustrated and degraded into that. Many gay men and women aren’t interested in becoming involved in the transgender quagmire that the MAGAts have stirred-up.

    2. The funny thing is that the current bills pushing for porn restriction mostly have bipartisan support.

      People tend to forget this for some reason.

  6. “violence” Mason? And please stop with the steroids! You used to be such a twunk and I’m also sorry that you’ve left being a power bottom behind you.
    Gym selfies, retweets and GIF’s.

    Buck, if you won’t let the real thing come in your face, then just go home to your wife.

    I’m really not sure why Damien is keeping his porn account up and running, if he’s reformed from porn and being gay and telling us about his real-world life :-/

    I thought David Skylar was banned? Ah, I guess Musk must enjoy the sideshow.

    Alpha…no one wants to see that.

    Jason…no one wants to see you do that to yourself.

    Rocco, just rock being bald.

  7. I really look forward to this weekly dose of social oversharing by porn people. It’s always a train wreck.

  8. Bit late to this post, as Twitter fuck up on Sunday.

    Some nice news and mostly delusions, another week in gay porn eh!

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