6 thoughts on “Model of the Month (June 2023): Harvey Robinson of English Lads

  1. Hahahaa……”Model of the Month”. Another straight guy who only shows his naked body or just masturbates in front of the camera and then either/or just fucks cunts. That’s why I find these weekly/monthly/yearly polls pointless. These performers, who keep winning, usually never appear in gay porn again or are so unknown because they hardly shoot gay porn or for the wrong studios or content where they don’t see gay anymore. Honestly, the people who vote or participate in something like this could hardly be more hypocritical and self-hating. Sad but true……

  2. EL is such a waste of the internet. It will sometimes hire the most handsome men…but the best you can hope for is them posing. It’s basically a softcore website, with the occasional hardcore, which doesn’t include it’s good-looking guys!

  3. Oh Dear why is this shite rip off website being promoted on here?

    Whatever any of you do, please DO NOT subscribe to this site.

    Please read the reviews on other blogs like Gay Demon et all and you will see why!

  4. Embarrassing as fuck. For all the usual suspects on this site bleat about straight guys in gay porn they vote for a lazy straight boy wank on the worst gay porn site on the internet. Not even a sniff of dick in the promo pictures.

    Englishlads is an appalling gay-baiting cash grab site. Vote for this guy when he actually puts himself out there for some actual gay content.

    1. English Lads has always been a quality site for his male models and his action and photo scenes. Sadly no longer the quality site as it was for 5-10 years. Nick the owner is a very respectless man in his contacts with customers. English Lads is also very expensive: even NO movie downloads included.

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