Tweet: Lucy Hart “I got almost 400k views in the past week. I really wasn’t sure if anyone would wanna see me perform after I transitioned. THANK YOU”

25 thoughts on “Tweet: Lucy Hart “I got almost 400k views in the past week. I really wasn’t sure if anyone would wanna see me perform after I transitioned. THANK YOU”

  1. Seriously, I think Henrik is experiencing significant mental health issues…may be it would be better to stop giving his psychosis an outlet on this site. It just makes me so sad to see his posts on most Sundays, I keep expecting to read a story about his untimely passing…

    1. Speaking of mental health, I give Jaxton Wheeler a month before his twitter is shut down.. this dude refuses to take responsibility for absolutely anything on any level . Does he think the Internet has forgotten about how he pushed August Ames towards suicide with the bullshit he posted online? ( Google it, it’s an interesting read)

      1. He cant be blamed for her suicide. no telling what caused her to do that. perhaps she would have done it anyway and found this time was the way out. People need to be responsible for themselves

      2. What is funny is that August Ames said she is sexually into girls and she dated 2 guys in high school that turned out to be gay yet she was afraid to work with guy who had safe sex with guys. And now it might turn out that guy ( anyone know his name) was gay-for-pay.

      3. That is false and it’s been proven he didn’t. She commited suicide before he posted anything saying she should kill herself. She was dealing with a lot and chose to engage in a hateful campaign on Twitter against gay crossover performers spreading diseases on the straight side of the industry.

  2. What’s so funny about below deck and all the porn stars on the last 2 episodes is Adam, the deckhand, who is so fuckin hot, used to do cam shows on chaturbate. Adam also apparently started an only fans but since has closed both his chatturbate and only fans accounts. Ive seen his camshows….the guy is sooooooo fkn hot w a beautiful dick.

  3. Imagine being Henrik Summer and showing up with the social welfare office and they ask about employability and special skills:
    “See that stapler, telephone and desktop? You’ll never guess where I can put them”

  4. Daniel Hausser doing trans now too? Lol I know it’s a trans woman so the anatomy is the same, but it’s still the appearance of a woman

  5. Derek Allen states that his subscribers have dropped 65% from last year. Tough Shit! I hope this has hit the rest of this greedy lot, for taking their millions of subscribers for granted over the last 3 or so years. As the old saying goes ‘its money for old rope’ with this lot.

    The pandemic made a packet for lots of mediocre porn to prodcue which saturate the market and Shabazz’s rise followed by his entourage and some of the other well know ‘Creators/ Baiters’ continued to dominate of the industry. This started way before the pandemic and continues to this day.

    So their loss is a positive as far as I am concerned for the Gay Porn Industry and it’s about bloody time too!

    Re the rest of the tweets most of which I skipped past, but some caught my eye.

    Nice Hole Vince V

    Dalton looks hot.

    Serge S is decent performer

    Jeremiah Cruze a nice looking guy but has issues maintaining wood

    Jaxton or whatever he is calling himself nowadays, never liked him and he not the best performer.

    Finally the bottom 7 tweets I pass on all of them.

    Cheers Denz

  6. Derek Allen is gonna start pulling a bunch of stunts to get his subscriber count back up.

    I would never want my income to be beholden to a subscriber count and the stunts I’m willing to do to maintain and grow it.

  7. PRESLEY SCOTT: Very gorgeous and sensible person. I hope he finds a boyfriend that treats him decently. He is very sweet and humble.
    DIESEL WASHINGTON: This man is absolutely hot. What a beautiful man! Interesting. Attractive. Absolutely delicious. And funny.
    CHRISTIAN WILDE: He perpetuates the idea that pornstars are people dumb as hell. He has beautiful eyes, but definitely not bright at all.
    CAMILO URIBE: He seems to be a reasonable person. Finally someone with good mind!
    ROCKY VALLARTA: Great actor? Joke of the year!
    RICHIE WEST: Sweet guy.
    DAVID SKYLAR: He is a good person. I hope people can see he has a golden heart. He talks shit several times, but he is a merciful human being.
    JAXTON WHEELER: He is very irresponsible with he says.
    LUCY HART: I don´t like her. Not because she transitioned, but because she was very sarcastic in the past. Arrogant. She is the same person with very bad attitude.
    HENRIK SOMMER: I hope he can receive the medical help he needs. Because he clearly has serious issues. It´s very sad to see how difficult his life is right now. I hope someone can help him.

  8. Robin Moore is a nut. So many of the these grown men who declare themselves ‘trans’ end up dressing like little girls. Fucking creeps.

  9. Presley Scott, Jeremiah Cruz, Derek Allen and Hendrik Sommer : I hope you find or have solutions to your problems, it’s sad.

    Daniel Hausser: I always found him boring and uninteresting. I don’t care who he fucks with. Trans, FTM or women. Go away.

    Hatler : Since you’ve never done real gay porn for gay porn studios and your OF account is filled with everything, but not gay, you’re not even worth 1$ to a gay like me. Who are you anyway?

    Jaxton, Jay, Cliff, David : Just shut up please!

    Rocky Vallerta : You’re a Great Actor? Trump is more likely to become president again before you ever achieve anything in gay porn, you conspiracy theorists and homophobes!

    GayVN : ALL “gay award” shows are superfluous and pure hypocrisy, because they only award and nominate G4P performers or bi performers anyway, or even now award bi and queer scenes or studios. What else does that have to do with GAY?

    Dalton Briggs, Richie West : You guys are great just the way you are ❤

  10. I remember when Lance Hart did a couple of scenes with stockings on, this dude is textbook AGP, he’s “trans” merely because he is a hardcore fetishist.

    Other than that, it’s your daily update of mental illness and need for attention at all costs.

    1. Not only that, but many of their pre-transition scenes had a strange forced-fem edge to them.

      This alone should be already a huge crimson flag.

  11. Oh Presley you are so beautiful just deny the haters, toxic fans and focus of the real ones. Be with your family, stay with actual friends and give us hot and beautiful content

  12. LOL Derek Allen’s post about losing membership on Only Fans is hysterical. More and more of the Porn Stars now are baiting guys to join their only fans with discounted rates, yet when you sign in all your getting is previews.

    They are showing trailers hoping that your will pay for the actual video. Cole Connor was one who used to post amazing videos and now everyone one is teaser and he is looking for you to fork out an additional payment to see the full video.

    They call it a tip but let’s be honest they are double dipping. First they get you to sign up on their Only Fans with a discounted monthly fee then expect you to pay additional for the content.

    Yes I am guilty of following Only Fans accounts and I will be honest some of them are hot to watch. There are some really professional stars out there that realize hey will give a discount come watch and have full videos.

    People are getting sick of being used and stop signing up.

    To be honest they should put that in their profile, or at least Only Fans should at least state it.

    Yes Only Fans, Just for Fans are dwindling but the only reason is these porn guys are getting greedy.

  13. It’s going to be so damn hilarious when OF declines or decreases. These porn boys (and females) are gonna be so damn lost and stuck on stupid. There’s no damn way that I’d be banking on a site and subscriptions as my income and only means. Some of them have invested and some have other occupations but for the most part, this is all they’re doing.

    Also, the way Musk-rat is ruining Twitter, these people don’t realize that they’re reach to their fans are truly in jeopardy. So they’ll be eliminated on all avenues. There’s no other social media platform that allows the explicitness and these guys thrive off that reach.

    When it comes down to the gay side of things, gays are starting to reject the bullshit, the antics and falseness that’s being perpetuated by these men and they’re also growing weary and mad at these crazy subscription prices. I’m telling you now, these platforms that they’re dictating are going to decline. So for guys like Derek, their fans are starting to pull away and these men are seeing the effects of it all. They should be worried and bitting their nails.

    1. It’d be interesting if Denz interviews some performers and studios to find out what their plan B is to engage with and recruit fans If Xitter folds, as I’ve not seen other blogs cover the issue.

  14. On the OnlyFans decline, I do wonder how much of that was their decision to DRM their content?

    Otho, there are those who probably think it’s easy money. One former Playgirl centerfold tried dipping into the OF pink $, but closed down mere weeks as soon as he realized fans expected to see more than rehashed old photos, and not even good quality at that.

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