Tweet: Larkin Magnus “And since I know nobody is watching videos, here’s the tl:dr version. I surprised him in Barcelona and it was spectacular.”

13 thoughts on “Tweet: Larkin Magnus “And since I know nobody is watching videos, here’s the tl:dr version. I surprised him in Barcelona and it was spectacular.”

  1. Alot of sad news this week..

    However I do take issue with Masculine Jason.. please do not compare “Porn life” with what you consider our normal/ boring/ regular existences to be.

    I mean yes I understand the concept of “pornstars are people too”, and ” modeling can mean ALOT of things’, but the choices these pornstars have made are of their own making. At least the majority of us regular folk can look at ourselves in the mirror in the morning

    Stop normalising.

    1. Also I don’t know what he means by porn stars live normal lives like most people. To my knowledge a big part of porn is promotion. These guys are out in clubs, stripping, and constantly traveling to arrange hookups with different models.

      Like 99% of the sex, tweets, and posts we see from pornstars is fake. It’s intentional marketing. No those 2 guys didn’t just meet up and fuck on camera, there was a long email chain where they discussed where, when, release dates and order, money sharing, ect…

      No that pornstar didn’t just happen to stumble on a fan, said fan had to go through a lengthy process of being approved by OF verification, flown out to the star, ect…

      No that pornstar wasn’t dying to work with that other star for years, they just happened to realize that if they made a video together it’d get massive views and boost one or both’s social profile.

      Like this stuff is extremely fake. And IDC because I love porn and don’t need to know what happens behind the scenes. Even though sometimes I love the drama.

      The average gay guy isn’t dropping their pants on a dancefloor to let 5 guys blow him or going to market days just to make sure he’s seen and stays relevant. Like no judgement for these actions. I like porn obviously as I’m on this site. Keep doing it guys.

      But don’t pretend your relationship to sex is normal.

  2. Masculine Jason’s show about retired porn stars is a joke. It’s basically a bunch of burnt out bitter queens who are trying to rekindle their lost 15 minutes of fame.

    The worst episode was the one with Dolf Dietrich and the tea he was spilling was probably roofied with a meth chaser…

  3. Mmm, the tweets this week are quite varied.

    I feel incredibly sorry for Henrik Sommer. He is crearly suffering from severe mental issues and doesn’t seem to know how, or doesn’t want to get help. I am glad that he has friends who are concerned about him, but I think that what he needs is for someone to take him in and literally take him to mental services, because he looks completely lost. I have seen people like this in the street and it’s downright heartbreaking, because you know that they feel completely abandoned by everyone and maybe, just maybe, they’d be able to recover if someone helped them. Sadly, I do not have the resources to do more than give them a bit of money myself, but we should be protecting the most vulnerable members of society instead of promoting resource and regime change wars.

    Congratulations to Larkin Magnus and his soon-to-be husband! Love is a wonderful thing!

    I have watched Jason Collins’ interviews and they can be quite interesting. Who knew that there were so many nurturing, warm and lovely people doing porn? Not all othe people interviewed are nice, of course, but many appear to be genuinely kind human beings, and I like the fact that Jason is quite agreeable himself. I always thought he was a G4P arsehole, but he appears to be far from that.

    RIP Bryan Knight, even though I’d never heard from him before or watched any of his scenes. It’s always terribly sad when someone dies.

    Kane Fox is this generations Sigmund Freud: instead of dealing with depression by going to therapy, get your arse waxed! Genius. Just genius.

    The Loc Rios and Thiago Lazzarato drama is insane. I guess that Loc has just found out what it’s like to deal with an unstable sociopath (I’m genuinel sorry for him), and the opportunist that is Josh Moore couldn’t help but to try and steal the spotlight by claiming victimhood. Sweetie, you’ve had over a year to expose your abusive, deranged, ASPD ex-boyfriend and you just decide to do it now because ‘he’s not in London right now’? Also, you are one to talk about behaving abusively toward boyfriends – didn’t you empty Logan Moore’s bank account a few hours before dumping him? Please, just please.

    Aaron Trainer looks great. Congratulations!

    Tegan, darling, stop trying to get attention. NOBODY CARES. Also, if you’re so horrified at porn and homosexuality, why are you constantly tweeting at the gay porn community? Wouldn’t it be better to live your life normally, far away from “sinfulness”? Talk about an attention-seeking drama queen.

    Thanks again for the selection, Denz!

  4. Henrik Sommers: He needs help. I hope someone can help him during this difficult time and I´m so sorry for him.
    Loc Rios: I´m so sorry for him, too. Thiago Lazzarato is pure evil. Very dangerous person. However, Josh Moore is as hypocritical and narcissistic as Mr. Lazzarato.
    Roman Todd: Incredibly dumb. It´s a Certificate. Roman Todd is just a stage name. The certificate should contain his real name. Dumb, very dumb. But what can we expect from someone who believes in the terrible villain Ricky Larkin?
    Armond Rizzo: sweet.
    Roxas Caelum: Empathetic and with a sense of justice.

  5. Larkin Magnus: Congratulations to him and his new fiancé

    Loc: I feel very sorry for the guy. Thiago is a creep & he needs to be in jail real soon because he’s if he’s not stopped, he’s gonna do it again. If he tries it again, I hope that dude either knows how to fight and will beat the shit out of him or he knows a Big Mike or a Pookie and he calls on him to whup Thiago’s ass in one way shape or form. And he has to be well versed in the Law so that he can turn the tables on him to let him know that he’s more than a pretty face and a hot body. I’m not a fan of Roxas but i agreed with him when he said that the lack of empathy shown to Loc has been gross & horrendous and it really shows that we as a community are in a very bad place. We expect the world to accept us when we won’t even accept our own people. We need to do some serious soul searching within ourselves & as a group. We got real evil & demonic forces trying to come against us. If we can’t be good to one another when one of us is down, how can we be worth a damn when it comes to much bigger issues like Donald Trump & the GOP? We need to get our house in order.

    Aaron Trainer: He looks great and i wish him the best with his new bodybuilder career.

    Tegan Zayne: He needs to go the fuck away. If he doesn’t want to do gay porn or even fuck men anymore, then fine whatever but when you use God as a weapon against people, then i have a major issue. He’s already lying to himself thinking being gay is wrong and he will have a dick in his mouth again if it hasn’t been back there already since this tweet. He needs to fuck off somewhere.

    Henrik Sommers: I hope he can get the help that he needs for his mental issues before it’s too late.

  6. Oh Josh- you didn’t speak up before because why? You could have saved other people the “alleged” hell you went through. You said nothing and did nothing. You are as bad as all those actresses who did nothing and said nothing when they were sexually harassed or assaulted, because becoming famous was more important than doing the right thing and preventing it being done to others.

  7. WOW! I have to say JR’s comment disturbs me.

    Over 20 years ago I was in the same situation as Josh Moore.

    It took me forever to come out and say I was abused, mentally and physically do know you how hard it as a man to admit to that? Men do not get abused is the thought they are not treated as the same way men treat some women.

    Well you know what BUDDY! It happens and more then you would understand. The abuse that happens within male on male relationships is more than you would think. As men we are brought up to think we are tough and strong, we do not have this stigma attached to us. But you know we do.

    It took me a long time to come to terms with my abuse and to own it, how dare you belittle it and say he is fame mongering! Abuse is real and people deal with it in their own terms it may take time or the trigger of someone else coming out and saying it “HAPPENED TO ME” that makes someone understand I can tell my truth. Your comment comes across as an abuser and I question your relationships you have had.

    And “FUCK YOU” for belittling the “Me Too Movement” for those women it was a make or break situation with their careers they felt if they said anything all doors would close.

    In closing I want to say good on Loc and Josh for coming out with their stories. For you JR you sound like one of those MAGA pricks in the states! You SIR disgust me.

    1. My point exactly. These women put their careers first. Rose McGowan never said a word about being assaulted by Harvey Weinstein, because being famous was more important to her than stopping him. Do you know how many rapes and sexual assaults she could have prevented if she had spoken up? Dozens and dozens.
      I was in an abusive relationship. I got out of it. And believe me, the first thing I did was to tell everyone and anyone what this person had done to me. I did everything I could to make sure he didn’t do this to anyone. People who stand by and do nothing and say nothing are as bad as the perpetrators.
      In closing, You SIR couldn’t be more wrong about me being any kind of MAGA or Trumper. I’m a democratic and live in one of the most liberal cities in the world. And I will always stand up and do the right thing.

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