Still in demand: Devin Franco

Devin Franco, who started in 2016 at Lucas Entertainment, now has over 100+ scenes released under his name [movies].

This week, he had three scenes released.

At Naked Sword, he was the bottom to Diego Sans [post].

At Cocky Boys, he was the top to Greyson Myles.

At Say Uncle (via Family Dick), he was the top to Jordan Lake.


  1. Chris Duran

    I used to think Devin was good-looking. He looks so washed out and tired these days. He destroyed his hole with all the fisting.

    • magnus

      He’s still good looking. Occasionally he looks exhausted or strung-out. And he was definitely overpromoted for awhile with an endless run of low quality scenes. These all look lame. Who are these children he’s filming with? He needs to be a lot more selective with who he choses as scene partners.

    • Eric B

      Gosh, you are really a never happy cunt… and sad to read

  2. logogay

    Is it nice for Devin Franco that he’s done so much filming over the years and is (apparently) gay?
    But he never really caught me, no matter what position he turned.

    • Touch Grass

      He’s big into trans and pussy. He’s definitely bi. The Derek Kage variety. Bisexual but won’t own it

      • Beyonce

        On the other side there were a lot of guys on Corbin Fischer, Sean Cody or Chaos Men who claimed to be straight but when they topped guys their dick was rock hard and right after pulling out their dick out of bottom’s hole they squirted load that often hit bottom on chest or face.
        Of when they bottom and their entire abs is shining from precum…. Not to mention hand free cumshot;
        However when they were pinned down their admit the obvious- that sex with men is pleasurable for them.

        Maybe Derek or Devin can do the same in reverse?

        • logogay

          Exactly they can do it FOR YOU. All gay performers can do it FOR YOU because YOU WANT IT. Everything except gay.

      • logogay

        It’s nice for them and for people who want to see it. I don’t want to see either of them in gay porn anymore because these “fake” actors don’t give me anything anymore.

  3. HermanCee

    I love Devin. He is a “Nasty Piece of Work” in the best way. He always gives 110% in all his scenes. I love him. ❤️

  4. Ryan

    he is boring and uninteresting eversince

  5. NovaStar

    I used to be a fan of Devin’s but his films are extremely hit or miss. He’s verse but there are too many films here he’s either not sucking dick when he tops or his dick is ignored when he bottoms. It takes away from the hotness for me. That said when the oral elements are done right with both/all guys going down on each other, those scenes of his tend to be the best. I enjoy his energy so when he makes a film i like, i dig it pretty hard.

  6. Blakey Hadde

    I noticed one thing

    Gay pornstars who identify as straight can get away with being plowed in the ass, sucking cock,swallowing cum by several guys and nobody will deny their heterosexuality.. even if you suggest they are heteromantic bisexuals you can hear screaming.

    On the other side gay pornstars who identify as gay and had one scene with a woman like Derek Kage or trans man like Devin franco must be bi and they are traitors and bad and shit.

    • Touch Grass

      Derek Kage has identified as ‘bi’ on multiple occasions, and admits to be attracted to women.

      He flips to ‘gay’ when he feels like it. He’s an idiot.

      • logogay

        Exactly, Derek Kage is currently the biggest laughing stock in gay porn. He would do anything, absolutely anything, to make everyone out there believe he was gay. And we all know it’s not him. If he had said it like that from the beginning and not lied, I wouldn’t have cared, but like this? Man, go away! People just want to believe what they want to believe. There is nothing you can do.

        • pornlover

          Why do you even care? What does it matter if he’s bi or gay? Why is it so important to you?

          The people on this blog are so FUCKING WIERD. Grow up!

          • Alex

            And you’re still here being obsessed with what other people write on this blog. This is none of your business hon, be quiet and stay in your lane.

            • pornlover

              It’s actually none of YOUR business what porn actors do. You’re so obsessed with labeling them either gay or bi or straight or whatever. Go get a hobby you fucking wierdo.

              • Alex

                Hon you are retarded and it shows, all over this blog. Be quiet.

    • logogay

      I also noticed one thing!

      That there are people who believe this crap when the gay men in porn claim they are S4P or only do it as a “job” because it’s porn. They’re turning the tables now. If there is G4P then why not like this? These guys deny their bisexuality or attraction to women just as much as straight men who do G4P. Above all, they lie to themselves and others. It’s a shame that there are hardly any people in porn anymore who have a back wheel and stand up for who they are. The main thing is to stay in conversation in the worst possible way. Bad promotion is also promotion. It’s sad when you can no longer distinguish in porn. I ask myself what do these people in real life out there believe everything they are told? By the way, Derek Kage said that he only finds gay sex or sex with men boring and monotonous and that he cannot be reduced to one sexual preference and that he refuses to be labeled. I mean that says it all!

      • Cherrystick

        That’s why I’m so quick to block, downvote, unfollow and unsubscribe to these clowns. I don’t care if they want to frolic in whatever but when you start that label switching and being highly deceitful to your fans and following, you are done in my book. I might be one voice but who cares. Sometimes it only takes one.

        Derek isn’t some closeted guy who’s trying to live a lie or some young person exploring their sexuality. You’re a damn porn star. Don’t tell me you’re gay when you have blatantly degraded the beauty of gay sex with your words and then insult the validity of our sexual nature to us true homosexuals. Then you couple that with engaging in graphic sex with women. If you think gay sex is so boring and dull then why do you want to use our label so badly?! Dude you’re not gay, you’re bi. Point fucking blank.

        As for Devin, he looks worn the hell out and his attitude sucks ass lately. He already was getting on my nerves with all the extreme ass play but his recent choices have truly made me say, NEXT.

        • Gay PR Daddy

          Don’t forget Deven filmed with the homophobic Noahwaybabes on his own Platform. Done with him and the lot

          • Cherrystick

            Yep. Oh believe me I know. “Recent choices” was my nod to that mess served on a rusty platter.

    • Thoughtless

      Gay men and straight men cannot be equated socially in terms of status or vulnerability. Gay men were hunted down, jailed, and killed for centuries for their sexuality and still are in many parts of the world.

      The state and society will never perceive homosexuals as equally valid as heterosexuals because we don’t naturally reproduce for the state. This is why we have to be much more careful with how gay sexuality is portrayed and discussed.

      If we’re all bi and sexuality is fluid, then homosexuality is a mere choice and preference, which makes it easier to legislate against homosexuality and to pressure gay men to enter relationships and marriages with women.

      The new ‘queer theorists’ don’t seem to get this.

      • Cherrystick

        A+ commentary.

        Look at the gentlemen who was recently sentenced to death in Uganda. His crime?… stealing, homicide, treason??? Nope. He was convicted for being a HOMOSEXUAL.

    • Cherrystick

      Is that you Quentin Gainz?

      • Cherrystick

        Blakey Hadde, quite interesting. I see you and that play on words. Sounds like something a fellow ex-performer would say based off of what we know now. Welcome to the discussion!

  7. Matt

    One of my favourite scenes is with him and CagedJock, where CJ tops and breeds him; unusual for the usual-bottom CagedJock, but a great scene (I believe it was filmed for OF/JFF and not one of the studios).

    I wonder if Devin and Felix Fox are still a couple?

  8. Alex

    He looks severely ill. From certain angles it almost seems as if he lacks dentature. He is very hard on drugs and it shows.

  9. R

    Lmao to anyone who think Devin is “straight.” Dude loves gay sex and MEN. Loves getting his ass pounded. Whether he also likes women, I don’t know. But the man loves dick.

    Now, his politics im unsure of. I know he’s an Elon Stan, and that’s already a red flag for me.

    And before anyone says “who cares?” I give a shit. I don’t want to waste my time jerking to a dude who supports a political party (republicans/conservatives) that by and large considers the lgbtq community to be inferior, perverse, disgusting, and abnormal. Fuck you and the horse you rode in on.

    • Cherrystick

      Which brings me back to why I hear so many people say “sit down, shut up and beat off”. How in the hell could you support someone who enjoys ideals from a person or group that clearly has disdain for your fan base and for what you essentially partake/support?

      We see time and time again these porn duds cater to and rally around these homophobic, racist, sexiest and troubling figures and it baffles me. It’s okay if that’s what you want to do but I’m not supporting them or you.

  10. Andy

    Devin is a good looking guy but so sad what happened to his asshole. There is a huge gape. If he keeps getting fisted might need colostomy bag.

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