18 thoughts on “2014 vs. 2023: Florian Mraz aka Hugo Antonin

  1. I like his work. Hes almost always playful in all his scenes, whether gay, str8 or Bi. The only thing that bothers me is on his twitter he only promotes his str8 scenes which is obvi quite deliberate.

    1. Chris, don’t get down on these guys from the East. Those countries were poor as hell and all the men and women made a living from the sex trade. He may or may not be gay. The guys agreed to do Gay sex in exchange for it to never be shown in Eastern countries. This is hard to do now with international travel and people finding ways to get around internet restrictions. Give these guys a break. They are making money the best way they can. In some cases, money their families need. The economy in these countries is getting better and in about 10 years you will be longing for these guys and they will be gone. These guys are computer savvy and many USA computer jobs are going to Eastern Europe. Be nice. 😍

        1. That’s right. I don’t know why he talks bullshit, but the Czech Republic isn’t poor at all. Not even Hungary or Poland. These countries have received billions from the EU over the decades and have stabilized their economies. Maybe it used to be the case that everything had to be secret and people didn’t talk about it. But the Czech Republic in particular is now one of the most progressive gay communities in Europe, in contrast to Hungary, Poland or Italy, and even Spain is now taking steps backwards, but only because of the homophobic politics in the countries, because they have elected radical right-wing and conservatives to their country . Just like it is the case in the USA. This is the only reason why guys like him are afraid to admit what he does. Not because he does it for poor reasons or because he absolutely needs this “job”.

          1. Don’t talk nonsense, in Spain there has been a left-wing government for 5 years made up of terrorists, Castro-Chavistas, left-wing Catalan racists and they are allies of Putin. Spain has taken steps backwards in LGTB rights and in women’s rights thanks to this left-wing government that keeps the country ruined and in debt and with the highest unemployment rate in Europe. All thanks to the allied left of Cuba, Russia or Venezuela, countries that persecute homosexuality and live in misery. Don’t speak without knowing, commie

            1. The only people who talk nonsense are people like you. The right-wingers have now won regional elections in Spain and they are already starting to introduce anti-gay laws in villages and areas in Spain, like the radicals in Florida or in the USA. You protect the right-wingers because you are also a right-winger.

              1. The only ignorant one here is you. Spain has a left-wing government that makes laws and releases violators and has alliances with communist governments like Putin’s or Cuba or Venezuela. You don’t even know where Spain is, and you are going to talk to me about what is happening in my country. A country that has the highest unemployment rate and where the social communist left with the help of ETA terrorists is going to form a government again. If you like the left so much, go live in Cuba, you piece of hypocrite, and stop living in the United States. In Spain people don’t have jobs and they can’t make ends meet thanks to the government that you like so much. commie

            2. And where are there left-wings in Russia, Africa or Venezuela? The style of government in Venezuela is classified as authoritarian. The worst anti-gay laws on earth are now coming to Africa, where homosexuality is punished with DEATH. Russia erased everything gay related. This has nothing to do with leftism. Don’t tell lies or conspiracy theories here if you can’t stick to the truth.

              1. Venezuela is a communist dictatorship as is Cuba. Cuba is sending soldiers to Russia to help with the invasion of Ukraine, but of course, it has nothing to do with leftism. Of course I support the right and capitalism, not like you who support a communist and leftist system living in capitalism. Do not talk about what you do not know.

              2. Stop lying. Where have they created anti-gay laws? In Madrid, which is the freest place to be gay and has the highest gay pride in Europe along with London? Where? Stop lying, you are a slanderous and lying communist troll. Go to a communist country and leave us in peace. Moron

              3. Spain is almost a Venezuelan-style dictatorship because of the left that governs and is ruining Spain and you are going to come and tell me what is happening in my country. Worry more about the garbage America is becoming thanks to the Democratic Party. A generation destroyed by drugs like methamphetamine and phenantyl plus a destroyed economy and some disgusting Democratic states. And I say what I want because freedom of expression protects me. Of course it has to do with leftism. The ideology that governs in China, in Russia, in Cuba, in North Korea or in Venezuela and that has killed more than 100 million people in the world. If you are ignorant, go back to school.

                1. Freedom of speech doesn’t protect you. Only you can say your lying homophobic crap and spin your conspiracy theories to a certain point. But it doesn’t make you better, it just shows who you are and how insane you are. I don’t deal with crazy deniers and liars like you anymore. It was my mistake to even react to β€œsomething” like you. Goodbye forever. I am done with you. Bye…….

                  1. Here the only liar and crazy person is you, who doesn’t even know how to locate Spain on the map. homophobic and hispanophobic is what you are. Do you know that in Spain homosexual couples have to go abroad to England or the United States if they want to become parents through surrogacy because in Spain it is illegal? Do you know that the domestic violence law does not protect LGBT couples? Why doesn’t the leftist government allow it? What will you know if you are a complete ignorant racist? Freedom of expression allows me to tell what is happening in my country. Saying you’re a liar doesn’t make me homophobic, you idiot. When I was fucking men you weren’t even born. so shut the fuck up. and she talks about your country and not about the countries you don’t even know. get lost and forget me.

  2. Which brings me back to the topic of the great internalized homophobia among performers, people, studios, blogs, the entire gay industry and around the world. It’s always there, but everyone closes their eyes and just ignores it.

  3. I don’t mind when sites recycle old content, but Staxus seems to be doing more of that lately without properly labeling scenes as re-runs. Often they explicitly tag a scene as “new” when it was produced years ago. Misleading.

  4. It sucks that he fucks with women and trans people but the films he’s done with men have been great. He has almost always made a quality film so i will give him props where props are due.

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