X: Jarret Moon “Thank you guys for all your love. It’s really helping me over this time. I should be out of jail soon.”

17 thoughts on “X: Jarret Moon “Thank you guys for all your love. It’s really helping me over this time. I should be out of jail soon.”

  1. Why are these shores always in trouble with the law? And why are they so fucking angry? Their X feeds sound like a bunch of immature fag’s.

    1. Once again your post sounds anti gay! and you use the word Fa….!
      I’ve already written what a terrible person you are…

  2. Boomer Banks – You’re kinda right in the sense there’s a degree of oversharing with social media. You’re a great performer, energetic and passionate on both fan platforms and studio work. You have a lot going for you, Boomer, and the goods are what keeps us hooked.

    Gino Zanetti – Post a message notifying subscribers of your hiatus. Every time you go on hiatus. Only Fans content is a product, subscribers are customers. The tweet is a customer inquiry and feedback, it shouldn’t “shock” you. If your channel is a small business then operate it as such. Your reply was dismissive and unprofessional. You took it personally, showing you do not respect the people supporting your business.

    Lionel Lilac – Um, maybe you should take a break. Doesn’t sound like you have a good handle on syringes at the moment. You’re at risk of nerve damage. The short-term benefits of injecting aren’t worth the long-term consequeces of damaging your health.

    Nick Cranston – Usually an ass man, but I’d play with the saline filled sack first. Wonder how heavy it is, and would bat it around like a punching bag for a second. Unforturnately, none of the play would be sexually stimulating. Your balls are more of a curiosity than anything else. But I’m sure some people out there will get off to them.

  3. Derek Bolt: I was and am always skeptical about men doing bodybuilding professionally because of the steroids and so on. But all the best, good luck, hope you stay healthy.
    Riley Mitchel : If people still believe your story and donate money to you they are so naive and stupid.
    Jarret Moon: Sad Sad…
    Lionel Lilac: Stay away from chemicals in syringes! You don’t need that. You’re such a sexy guy. Don’t ruin your health!
    Roman Todd and Wife: Go to the police immediately and report these people. Don’t post on social media to show off to everyone and get attention. Then it becomes no longer credible.
    Kyle Denton: Hot machine…
    Boomer Banks : for you too blah blah blah…, go fuck some vaginas on OF and leave gays alone!
    Gino Zanetti: Always remain friendly with customers, people or fans. They are the hands that feed you!
    Nick Cranston: A little overkill and totally over the top. Let help you…
    Davin Strong, Griffin Barrows, Cliff Jensen and Pierce Paris: no one in the gay community is interested in you anymore! Get together and fuck women and vaginas in a massive straight orgy!
    This suits you better…
    Jayden Marcos: Congratulations, you deserve it. Although, as I said, I don’t believe in awards.
    Thanks again to Denz for the reports.

  4. David Strong – Wow, CRAZY and Desperate for attention and Ugly….Good Luck with All That.
    Ryan Bailey – Always a fan. Good performer and always full of horny action.
    Griffin Barrows – Good advice. I miss the days when Griffin was 100% Gay.
    Riley Mitchel – YOU made your dirty bed, now lay in it dude. Grow Up, Get a job, pay your own way.
    Jarret Moon – * See the Above and apply to your life.
    Cliff Jensen – Great quote. Which toilet stall in which bath house did you steal it from?
    Damienstone – * See Above…
    Lionel Lillack – (who?) Illiterate and drug abusing are not good traits to have.
    Pierce Paris – Damn, you call that an erection?? Why is Peirce shrinking?
    Nick Cranston – Neither ! ICK.
    Jayden Marcos – Despite the bad ink, always a dependable porn boy. Happy B Day.

  5. Ah, Roman…maybe you should try keeping your wife out of the conversation and away from your gay porn persona. It’s bad enough that you’re an oversaturated Gay4Payer and habitual hypocrite, but try and keep your personal life off your business social media, maybe?

  6. I spy disaster in Davin’s future. He’s coming apart at the seams, social media seems bitterly toxic for him and his mental health is deteriorating with each post.

    It doesn’t sound like he was ever that stable, but I’m personally worried about what he might do to himself :-/

  7. Derek Bolt obviously using steroids he looks unhealthy. Body dysmorphia is real in gay community. The excessive muscles sends wrong message. Yes he works out hard but he isn’t natural.

  8. Getting fucked by Paris seems like it would be getting fucked by a warm wet semi firm sponge. Former gay PS now str8 ps danny d’s dick doesnt hang, and it appears bigger than paris. But His dick stays up and out.

  9. Riley works in the bars in Ptown over the summer and makes tens of thousands of dollars on top of his on screen work. Instead of choosing to spend that money on his teeth, he spends it on steroids, drugs, travelling to circuit parties and more drugs. If I had that mess in my mouth i would be saving every single dollar to get it fixed….instead of putting my hand out to have other people pay for it. GTFO.

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