Chuck of Chaos Men = Jordan of Corbin Fisher (Thanks Alias74, @interpolic13 & Holla At Me)

Chuck maybe the latest guy at Chaos Men but the porn site admitted that he is now working for another studio “Chuck has moved on to other video work, so a solo seems a step back from what he is currently doing.Β  But again, I am guessing not everyone belongs to every site, so I hope Chaos Men fans will enjoy his solo…and next week’s Edge video.” Chuck is currently working for Corbin Fisher using the name Jordan.

Chuck (left) versus Jordan (right)

Jordan_thennow_01 Jordan_thennow_02
Jordan_thennow_03 Jordan_thennow_04

As Jordan at Corbin Fisher, he had two str8 scenes where he was fucked by a dildo with his scene with Ashley, released last Dec. 7, 2011.


His first gay action paired him with Trey, released last Dec 15, 2011.

Jordan_corbin_fisher_03 Jordan_corbin_fisher_04
Jordan_corbin_fisher_05 Jordan_corbin_fisher_06

Last Dec 23, 2011, his bisexual scene with Rudy and Ashley was released. Jordan was fucked by Ashley, who wore a strap on. Jordan ate Rudy’s cum from Ashley’s bleep bleep πŸ™‚


And, Chuck/Jordan was featured at Masculine Magazine (as Rick D) & Temptation of Eve (as RJ) “It now seems that several of the models who have worked with Mike Downs have made their way into porn…

Chuck_jordan_01 Chuck_jordan_02