Hot or not? Travis Freeman

I got an email from Rhys letting me know of his latest porn crush, Travis Freeman, who he thought was a newbie.

According to Rhys "I found out he did porn 3/4 years ago. Very much a twink, he did 4 versatile videos [gallery 01 & 02]  for Helix Studios in 2009/2010 – which included one bareback scene."


2012 "He re-appeared doing one video last year with Christian Wilde at Men – Drill My Hole."


2013 "And now, three recent videos at Massage Bait, Gay Casting (as Aaron) and Man Royale, still versatile but all with condom."


"There's not a huge difference in his look – a new tattoo on his right soulder, and slightly filled out/buff and just less twink looking."

UPDATE He used the name Travis when he worked for Fraternity X.


12 thoughts on “Hot or not? Travis Freeman

  1. Yep. I was correct, he’s also on FraternityX..I just went and verified it by comparing his tattoos…

  2. Wow! Thanks, E.J!
    I had no idea he did a scene with FraternityX :O
    I’ve just found it – it’s ‘Tight Hole’ from 2nd May 2012.
    Do you know if that’s the only video he did with them? I’ve not found any others.
    Thank you so much for this information!
    And if anyone else knows of any other scenes he’s been in, please let me know here in this comment section!
    Cheers, guys 🙂

  3. I was just going to say he was barebacked and creampied by 3 different guys on FraternityX lol

  4. He’s not HOT, he’s not NOT! Average…would I do him if I hooked up with him at a bar, YES!!!

  5. Rhys, he also did one on FraternityX called “Pussy Boy” in which him (and two other tops) roughed up and raped a bottom. it was VERY hot

  6. Twinks are definitely an acquired taste.Not hot at all for this guy.I’d pay money to not see him in porn

  7. Hahaha Thanks guys for all the feedback! 😉 -Sincerely Travis F.

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