14 thoughts on “Hot or not? Kamal Ali, Simon Archer & Mike Mann

  1. kamal ali was a dancer in stock and now also an escort
    iirc few months ago he almost get fired because he said that he hates gay in the ladies’s night
    and now he got serviced by marko lebeau for future scene in MoM
    oh, life is funny

  2. Kamal is hot. Very cute smile. Mike man, meh on the face, but love that dick. And Simon’s ass crack does not look appetizing at all. So in order, it’s a YES, KINDA, NO for me.

  3. Mike Mann was also in an action scene last week end under the name Thrilla over at Taggaz. Subscribers were mostly not happy with him to management’s surprise. He discussed the failings of his PT scene in the BTS video available in the forum part of the site.

  4. It come as no surprise since str8-porn wasn’t paying him enough to fuck bitches,Even dough he has a big cock 4 fucking them so I guess that’s why he is doing gay-porn now.It doesn’t help if your not in to your scene partner and you just lay there and do nothing and let your sex partner do all the work for you.If Mike-Mann want to continue to leech off of gay men in gay-porn he’s going to have to learn to look like he is joying fucking with a another man.Otherwise he is not going to last long in the gay-porn biz he will be back to doing str8-porn again before you know it.

  5. Kamal is HOT although I don’t like some of the comments here about him….Mann is kinda cute and that cock! WOW!

  6. Simon Archer is a cutie with his bad boy looks!! He does look like a tranny chaser though LOL 🙂 i bet he had some steamy encounters with transsexuals before, so he is no stranger to ”cock action” . Hopefully they convince him to do man-to*man scenes with the help of almighty $$$ 😀

  7. Kamal is extremly hot, I love arab guys.
    Mike Mann has a big dick that I hope he uses in the right holes, but from what I’ve seen so far, he’s very stiff ( in a bad way), meaning he can’t fuck.

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