Zane Michaels of AustinZane now works for Fradpad (tip @ GMan)

This was the tweet of Zane 5 hours ago.


That announcement could be that he was hired as a “consultant” at Fratpad, according to Ben’s Frat News (now gone). Also, he is currently in Arizona, home of Fratpad.


There is still a chance of Zane getting naked in front of the camera. According to an email/tip I got from GManThis is the second time that the pad has brought in someone that has worked elsewhere in the industry but Zane is going to be helping out with production since the Fratpad has had a rough year they have reached out to Zane for help. Zane did create a sit that went on to win a Grabby award. The owner John states that he will not be doing cam shows but they have been desperate to find guys lately it would be no surprise if he showed up on cam.

FYI Zane was Max when he worked for Straight College Men (SCM). He left SCM with Tucker, who became Austin. The two started their own porn site in 2011 named Austin Zane. Then late last year, Zane left AustinZane.

UPDATE Zane confirmed his new job at Fratpad. He will be known as FratmenZane.