Zane Michaels of AustinZane now works for Fradpad (tip @ GMan)

This was the tweet of Zane 5 hours ago.


That announcement could be that he was hired as a "consultant" at Fratpad, according to Ben's Frat News. Also, he is currently in Arizona, home of Fratpad.


There is still a chance of Zane getting naked in front of the camera. According to an email/tip I got from GMan "This is the second time that the pad has brought in someone that has worked elsewhere in the industry but Zane is going to be helping out with production since the Fratpad has had a rough year they have reached out to Zane for help. Zane did create a site that went on to win a Grabby award. The owner John states that he will not be doing cam shows but they have been desperate to find guys lately it would be no surprise if he showed up on cam."

FYI Zane was Max when he worked for Straight College Men (SCM). He left SCM with Tucker, who became Austin. The two started their own porn site in 2011 named Austin Zane. Then late last year, Zane left AustinZane.

UPDATE Zane confirmed his new job at Fratpad. He will be known as FratmenZane.


UPDATE I don't know why but comments on this post are not showing. This has happened on several older posts.

13 thoughts on “Zane Michaels of AustinZane now works for Fradpad (tip @ GMan)

  1. This is yet another example of why porn-stars in the porno industry are crazy in the head? I thought after Zane return home he was done with porn for good the way he bad mouth certain things about the porn industry.And was writing a book about his experiences in the porn industry and why his relationship with Austin ended.And for a while he was acting like a jesus-freak and now here he is again becoming part of the porno industry yet again.It just goes to show some fools never learn? Their lessons! You think? And what happen to their bitches and their babies I’m even more curious now to see whether Austin will pop-up on another porn site or will he retire from the porno industry for good never to be seen again.Doing any thing porn related only time will tell if he will ever make a return or not to porn end of story.

  2. Zane is a chill guy. He also has a gift for making creative and classy porn. I’m glad to hear he’s back in the industry. The stuff he did with Austin was really unique and I miss it. Haven’t found anything else quite like it. He’ll be a good influence on FM/FP/FMS.

  3. Lots of love for Zane. He’ll make a great addition to a troubled site. He is a hard worker, won an award for his own site. I have no doubt FM is lucky to get him.

  4. I have never come across any act,statement,post,picture,recording which showed him being homophobic.

  5. Good for Zane–I’m glad that he’s found something that he’s happy with and that he’s back in the industry. Hope to see him in front of the camera again (naked, of course).

  6. “throwing new ideas around” … wow, in the world of cookie cutter porn a few new ideas would be a welcome relief. But it got me wondering just exactly what could porn be doing differently or new? I’ve seen tons of porn and after a while you come to the realization that there is only so many sexual activities and it pretty comes down to the basic fact of whether or not you find a particular performer appealing or not.

  7. I used to like Zane, in spite of the fact that he’s gay4pay. He always brought chemistry to the scene and had many positive comments about the gay community. He seemed to genuinely love his fans and enjoy giving them a good performance. However after he left the site and gave an interview and was discussing his book, he made some comments that just didn’t sit right with me. I’d have to go re-read the interview to remember exactly what they were. I just remember feeling deflated and a bit betrayed by them.

  8. I still don’t get the appeal. And I can’t remember the last time I heard worse bullsh#t spouted by a porn actor. “Onward & Upward”? Seriously?! Next.

  9. I’m really not surprised by this. I felt like if the right offer came along he’d be back in the porn biz. I think he might be good working with the “straight” talent and getting them comfortable in front of the camera. But who knows, Fratpad might be a sinking ship no one can save.

  10. Oh mon dieu!
    No one commented on this???? I wonder what happened to austinzane. I was sad about that ending.

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