A new theme called PURE from Chaos Men (tip@NikeAthlete)

According to Bryan of Chaos Men "The PURE theme is a bit like the Bossy videos, except instead of being a little more hardcore, they tend to be more romantic, sensual, and wet sexy hotness!"


"It is a simple shift in energy and location, but really makes a HUGE impact. I wanted the room to be white so it would drop away, making the focus just on the action. We added a lot of body oil. The models that have amazing bodies, really have been getting-off to the muscle-worship it inspires."


"I have filmed about 8 of these and most will air over the Summer of 2013."


Like or dislike?

15 thoughts on “A new theme called PURE from Chaos Men (tip@NikeAthlete)

  1. Thumbs up as long as Brian does not slow down the energy level or plays stupid piano music by Liberace to set the “tone”. that is one of my pet peevee about Man Royale. Keep the guys youngish, hot, attractive, great chemistry and no flaccid cocks and i will continue to subscribe. Thanks Denz for the heads up.

  2. We DEFINATELY need more romance and sensuality in gay porn, so if that’s the direction in which Chaos is going, then count me in!

  3. Meh, not sure how I feel about this–I mean, gay men are not straight women–We do not watch porn for sensuality…I wanna see butt fucking and spunk swallowing. Keep the cuddling and rose petals on the Playgirl channel…

  4. I love it the pictures. But I wish they were sweating bullets instead of having oil on their bods.

  5. I like what I see in the pictures. I hope it’s more of the love-making style, sensual and connected, romantic and erotic. Definitely gonna be checking it out!

  6. Looks interesting and I’ll be checking it out. I’m getting bored with hardcore fucking and find slower, romantic lovemaking more erotic. Oiled, glistening bodies also look nice.

  7. The problem with ‘romantic lovemaking’ in porn is that, while the audience can tolerate fake gay sex from gay4pay men, I don’t think we can tolerate fake romantic lovemaking. Romance and sensuality demand more veracity than sex.

  8. Sensual sex doesn’t have to be romantic. I like sex to be sensual,raw,naughty,playful.

  9. I take back my earlier criticism of this new theme–As i just saw the one with Solomon and Theon. It…was…brutal! Theon pounded him mercilessly, and Solomon loved every minute of it! The hottest scene I have seen in a while. Ironic, since I was recently considering dropping my membership to Chaosmen.

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