The body builder in Brady Jensen

Life has to move one. Brady Jensen who started as Jonah of Sean Cody in 2010 is moving forward. His porn persona twitter account, @BradyJensenXXX, is now gone. He now uses a different name on twitter.

Bodybuilder_brady_jansen_02 Bodybuilder_brady_jansen_03 

It’s the name he used when he joined a body building competition this 2013.

Bodybuilder_brady_jansen_05 Bodybuilder_brady_jansen_06 
photos above @ NPC News Line and RXMuscle

It is also the name he used for his reality show Muscle Beach. It started on Facebook, according to The Sword, and now has its own pornwebsite.


We will just have to wait and see if the show will be an internet series or will be picked up by a major studio.


I know you guys will get mad at me again. But, I am asking everyone not to include his non porn name in the comment section to avoid Google from including this post when one searches for his non porn name. Thank you for understanding.

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  1. I really love B.J….but his body-building persona is NOT to my liking. Personally,..he looks horrible in that deep-brown tan.
    I prefer seeing him as a California Surfer-Boy, and the best photos of Brady can be found at BelAmi.
    I agree with DENZ,..that life must move on,…but in the wrong direction does exhibit sufficient intellect. But then again, Brady didn’t tell me he was an Albert Einstein. LOL!!
    “Brady,…PLS get your butt back into PORN”!!! 🙂 🙂
    Thanks DENZ for spot-lighting B.J.

  2. Muscle Beach links aren’t working for me. Brady looks hot in this show. Just wish his hair was a bit shorter.

  3. I love watching all of Brady Jensen’s gay porn scenes. What we see in those vids is a beautiful guy close to physical perfection. I think the body builder pics are awful. That deep dark tan on the blond Brady looks almost as bad as the Tanning Mom.

  4. I once met someone on omegle who claimed to be him. It may as well have, since he sounded fairly convincing and he also mentioned competitive bodybuilding. He wouldn’t give out pics though….

  5. It’s par the course for guys on the bodybuilding circut, since it accentuates the muscles the judges are looking for and unlike Tanning Mom, it’s a spray on that’s only temporary.

  6. He will be missed. He is hot and always gave a good performance. But he’s a smart young man, to move onto other endeavours before the business chews him up and spits him out.There’s a lot of porn performers who should have retired long ago.

  7. Male homosexuality has always been a huge part of male bodybuilding. All male bodybuilders worldwide are gay homosexual mens.
    Do I have to go over this again?  BB is gay because:
    •  it is predicated entirely on looks–not physical prowess.
    •  the public face of the sport is scantily clad men posing and flexing for an audience of cheering men.
    •  competitors often have erections on stage.
    •  over the years, posing trunks have become smaller and smaller.  Glutes used to be covered up.  Now, we have competitors hiking up their trunks and showing off their shredded bums.
    •  more than once, cocks and balls have popped out of their small trunks and amidst all the cheering (ostensibly over muscle) everyone pretends not to notice.
    •  the “dark” side of the sport consists of competitors making lusty videos for gay audiences, escorting and/or “private posing” for male fans and judges.  Every competitor knows someone who does this but no one ever talks about it because in their mutual fear of discovery lies mutual safety.
    •  I have seen guys (surreptitiously) masturbating in the audience during the posedown. 
    •  Who do you think buys all those videos from  and all the rest?  Women?  Um, no. 
    •  If you look closely enough at his website, almost every bodybuilder you can name offers some version of private posing, very “personal” training, web cam sessions, or selling used articles of his clothing.  Again, who do you think buys this stuff?  Hint: it’s not women. 
    •  the ultimate winner in bodybuilding walks away with the Sandow statuette–the statue of a gay man.  Eugene Sandow (long considered to have the perfect proportions of classical Greek and Roman sculpture) dumped his wife and toured the country posing and flexing with his piano playing boyfriend in tow.  The two eventually set up house together in NYC. 
    • The godfathers of body building: Eugene Sandow, Joe Gold, Joe Weider.  Now, what do they all have in common? 
    • the most popular body building gym franchise is Gold’s Gym, founded by Joe Gold (he also founded World Gym).  Yep, Joe Gold was gay.
    If you think my view is biased show this list to any objective person and ask them what they think of professional bodybuilding.
    In my experience, truly straight guys don’t dislike gays.  We are not even their radar screen as they are too busy chasing women to notice us.  The guys who “dislike gays” actually dislike something… about themselves…  

  8. Since his years in porn, I still don’t know if he is straight or gay…

  9. He was straight, but he marketed himself as gay.
    btw he looks like a friggin troll in those pics. lmfao

  10. His porn career came to a end with the disastrous turns at Dylan Lucas and Bel Ami. The Sword posted this story a while back and at first he made his Brady Jensen twitter private then completely deleted it.

  11. He wasn’t attractive then and he’s not attractive now. Obviously many like him but I can’t count myself among them.

  12. Why are gay men obsessed with making straight men confess their gayness? You’ve seen him fuck men on camera, but I’ve also been on camera dressed in a toga for Halloween, that doesn’t make me a Roman.

  13. Brady Jensen is a physically beautiful man. He seems to be as beautiful on the inside as he is on the outside and that is saying a lot. Clearly his career in porn could have lasted for many more years had he chosen that path. I often rewatch his scenes at SC, Cocksure Men and Bel Ami and delight in his physicality and beauty. My only criticism is of his excessive dark tanning in the body builder contests. His facial beauty, muscular build and great smile are breath taking.

  14. I never cared much for him as a performer, but he’s always been very handsome. Sadly, the photos above are repulsive. A shame.

  15. Some of you guys are fucking dumb .
    Sorry, it needed to be said.
    If you haven’t figured out yet that dipping yourself in grease is the norm for bodybuilding competitions, and keep saying how bad the guys look , I’m afraid you can’t be saved.
    It’s not the person’s decision, it’s just what you do when you are competing in this field.
    It’s difficult to figure out while you’re sitting on a couch eating cheetos, but that’s life.
    If you dislike it so much, get involved and ask the organizers of these events to change the rules so that pale guys can compete
    UNtil then… try to do something with your life!!

  16. What very little interest I had with him in the beginning is now gone completely.

  17. Your rude comments lead me to believe that you are an arrogant pr*ck. “Sorry, it needed to be said”.

  18. It was disastrous? I thought he was starting his ownnnn agency or porn company or something? What happened to that? Was he ever a Bel Ami American exclusive?

  19. @GROOMY EL LOCO, You’re correct (though you’re kind of a prick)–The whole point of the bronze glazing is to accentuate the muscle tone. It is, after all, a body building competition. It is not about being sexy, like porn.

  20. I saw about his bodybuilding on Twitter. He must have recently removed the account. He reminds me of Marc Singer with that long hair.

  21. That’s interesting. I don’t think all bodybuilders are gay. I don’t really understand the psychology of bodybuilding.
    And yes! It seems that most viewers of male bodybuilders are gay men. I too am one of them. Not so much though.
    “• If you look closely enough at his website, almost every bodybuilder you can name offers some version of private posing, very “personal” training, web cam sessions, or selling used articles of his clothing. Again, who do you think buys this stuff?”
    I guess there aren’t many ways for bodybuilders to make money other than through competitions and shows. So I’m not surprise many of them do personal training, modelling, cam shows, private posing in which the client(s) can “feel them up”, escorting and even videos.

  22. I love the anonymous queens who come on here to make such absurd declarative statements as “Male homosexuality has always been a huge part of male bodybuilding.” Especially when their support for these idiotic statements are even more of their own, unsubstantiated and unsupported crap.
    I’ve been a Gold’s gym member for years and run across any number of guys (and girls) who were competitive body builders. And many who weren’t but coulda/kinda passed for one or been considered to be well on their way to being/looking like one.
    “All male bodybuilders worldwide are gay homosexual mens.” King, you should send an email to Jay Leno. He makes tired jokes of very poor quality, too and I bet Jay’s always looking for new material, he can’t just keep flushing blank paper down the toilet hoping some of it comes back up with JEMS like your sentence here.

  23. He said everyone in his high school thought he was gay; by the time he landed his contract with Bel Ami, he was refusing to bottom, which is why there’s only one flip flop scene from there (at least released – you can’t ever say given how long GD keeps crap unwrapped over at BA) and when they didn’t renew his contract, he went to try to go somewhere that would let him work off camera – which is how he ended up in a stupid situation like Dylan Lucas. Not at all sure how you are claiming he marketed himself as gay. Jake Cruise sure as fuck didn’t market him as gay.

  24. Nope, you’re right, one costume doesn’t paint you as Roman – just unimaginative and uncreative.

  25. He was a dud at Bel Ami, and Bel Ami fans were vocal about his lackluster performances, the agency he was going to start was connected with Pacific Blue but that fell through. The Pacific Blue website hasn’t been updated in months and most of the models on there haven’t shot porn or have been represented by them in almost a year.
    Dylan Lucas was supposed to compete with Corbin Fisher and Sean Cody but never took off and flopped big time. By the time the website launched some of their models had already quit porn (Scotty Dean, Chad Logan, Alex Waters) and the infrequent updates helped 86 the site pretty quick.

  26. I don’t know when it started but Typepad’s spam filter has gone awry. Identifying a few comments as spam even if they were not spam.
    Your comment to King has been published.

  27. I found his new twitter account and he looks really happy and successful. Just as good looking as he used to be. Not sharing the name, though, ofc. And he is in a relationship with a gorgeous girl. That’s a nice, happy ending; he is one of my favorite porn stars, so I was sad that something seemed to have happened.

  28. Oh, his real name isn’t hard to find. I think it may actually have been mentioned openly in another thread. It’s just such a crying shame…he was gorgeous and even seemed to have a nice attitude, but off he goes. I don’t want to cast stones though, but I’ve seen the girlfriend’s photo…he’s a 10 and she’s a generous 2 in comparison.

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