4 thoughts on “Rod of SC is now Brody Whiting at Dylan Lucas

  1. Did he LOSE inches from his cock???? WHAT THE FIZZGIG?!!?!?!?
    Meanwhile…clearly Sean Cody photographers know just how to light and capture.

  2. Dylan Lucas??? …OMGosh,..that’s like dropping an anchor on your Porn Career. He should follow Justin Owen and Lance Alexander to Randy Blue at the very least….or….head to Las Vegas to work for CF who could use some better looking models and definitely utilize Rod/Brody’s GOOD LOOKS to it’s full potentials.
    He reminds me of CF-Dru (aka: SC-Dakota) “What A Stud”!!

  3. Hello-
    he is quite hot so its disappointing SC had only posted
    a solo video. but does that necessarily mean that’s all
    the SC shot with him? Mike Lovell was supposedly fired
    from Bel Ami by George Duroy yet he keeps on popping up
    in new videos.

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