16 thoughts on “Johnny Forza after Broke Straight Boys

  1. Oh no! Talk about a major step down. (As if there was much lower than Broke Straight Boys, tho lol) Poor Johnny, what were you thinking?

  2. NOOOOO. Forza deserves way better.
    He’s the only good one they had at Broke Straight Boys in like ever.
    I hope he gets scooped up by one of the better sites. I guess CF and SC like them new but maybe he go to work for Randy Blue.

  3. I feel bad for him. Maybe he gets better paid than former studio but seriously?? I’d like him to be in better studio like SC where you get tested strictly every scene. Glad that at least he’s not left s the industry though.

  4. This seems like a bit of a weird career trajectory yo me, who is his agent? Usually when a model ends his contract with the site where he started at, he signs with a more established company, not one more obscure (and dare I say more low rent) than the one he just left. Nextdoor studios, Men.com or Randy Blue would have made much more sense for a popular model like him. I have a subscription to cocky boys so would have loved to see him end up there. Glad a gorgeous young man like him decided to keep doing porn, but I’m scratching my head by this particular choice.

  5. Haven’t seen him on there so I would assume that he has. Same goes for Spencer Todd who was another hot BSB model.

  6. I’m with you on that. I don’t mind tattoos but I hate that he had to get such a huge one on his lovely pec. Same goes for Jake Andrews’ new tat but at least his isn’t as bad.
    Also, I have to say that first pic of Johnny with that red shirt pulled up and his pants pulled down is super hot to me.

  7. It looks like Johnny’s working w/Men.com too. I just saw him in a preview for one of their scenes w/Johnny Rapid along w/Ty Roderick and Jaxton Wheeler – hopefully they all end up fucking Johnny R. LOL

  8. Does anyone else find it creepy that Dallas Reeves porn site owner rimmed Johnny as his first job or is that normal in the porn industry? o_O”

  9. It’s a power tactic sort of thing. I own this porn industry so I get to f*ck whoever I want. I stole your model and banged him in front of you haha. That is basically a middle finger to BSB.

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