Douglas was a registered sex offender when he worked for Sean Cody (tip @ JSS)

Douglas of Sean Cody was introduced in 2011. His three condom scenes were released on the same year.

Douglas_seancody_violent_sex_offender_01 Douglas_seancody_violent_sex_offender_02 
Douglas_seancody_violent_sex_offender_03 Douglas_seancody_violent_sex_offender_04 

Last December 2013, he was in the news for assault and attempted carjacking at Boulder County.

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In one of the articles, it mentioned he was already a registered sex offender before 2011 (the year he worked for Sean Cody).


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  1. This is hardly surprising. . .we all know AJ Monroe & Sebastian Young. . .to name just two gay porn actors. I have a feeling that this is more common then we even realize/know. Having a record of any kind makes it very difficult to get a “normal” job that requires background checks and references – doing porn – even gay porn – will get you some fast quick cash and open the door to escorting.

  2. Sex offender registry is Ouji record so it’s quite easy to find if someone’s is one if you know their real name

  3. He always had that strange fuckin fat head. Hey look at this point im absolutely sure I could get work at SC and CF at this point but I seem to actually care.
    Not to hate but with so many of these guys with troubled history/lives I can see how they cannot hold a stable job and have just resorted to making money by any means necessary.

  4. So were the teens boys or girls? Also, I remember someone posting a mugshot of SC’s Devin a few months back on 4chan although he had a lesser offense than Douglas; he had 20 ounces of weed. In his mugshot he was cute but clearly stoned.

  5. SERIOUSLY? We’re going to make that LEAP now from “porn industry attracts troubled personalities with addictions and criminal backgrounds” to now include “sex offenders”? I think that’s a little harsh…Lumping in performers who have the odd DUI and/or arrest for things like Driving on a suspended license, Domestic assault, possession of drugs, the occasional drunken disorderly with those performers who have….oh I don’t know…AGGRAVATED FELONIES like carjacking, strong-armed or armed robbery with a weapon, and Rape charges is a little too over the top even for my “over the top” sensibilities.
    What I FIND shocking is that someone who has to register as a sex offender a) finds work even as an adult film performer and b)….FINDS WORK AS AN ADULT FILM PERFORMER!!!!! Seems anti-thetical to the ENTIRE notion of the Sex Offender Registry – he is being compensated for the very thing that got him in trouble, albeit in a state of impulsivity and lack of control (arguably).
    Sean Cody as a business entity OWES zero in terms of addressing this publicly and outside the confines of its own administrative and business structure. I doubt this will happen but Sean Cody should really beef up its background check of models and would do well to clear the air with some kind of statement…now that this has come to light (let alone if Str8upgayporn gets a hold of this – I can imagine the headline now “WOULD YOU JERK OFF TO A CONVICTED CARJACKER-RAPIST-REGISTERED SEX OFFENDER GETTING FUCKED UP THE ASS???? SEAN CODY THINKS YOU WILL!”).

  6. “VERY INSIGHTFUL”!! … enjoyed reading your point of view.
    As the saying goes: “NEVER judge a book by it’s COVER”. … for I’m sure this is an EYE-OPENER for SC.
    Thanks JSS for keeping TABS on the “BAD-GUYS”.

  7. I did a little research on this… it’s a sad story. He seems like a troubled person whose troubles have been made worse by the legal system. As an 18 year old he had sex with two teenagers three and four years younger than he was. Since they can’t “consent” it’s called a sexual assault. From the articles you can’t really tell what happened. He denied the charges but pled out to avoid a stiffer sentence. Perhaps that’s true, perhaps it’s not. Hard to say. He was then labeled as a violent sex offender by the parole board – not by the judge who sentenced him. We don’t actually know if he was ever “violent”. Legally the word assault means any touching that is not consensual and again teenagers cannot consent so all touching of teenagers is assault. When he moved to a homeless shelter in Boulder there was a newspaper story which labeled him a violent sex offender. 45 people showed up at a meeting wanting to “do” something about him. Then he attempts to highjack a car and when that falls apparently tries to kill himself. Obviously the guy has made a lot of stupid mistakes, possibly he’s done some reprehensible things, but at every stage the legal system and our press has made the situation worse.

  8. I didn’t say I was attracted to the criminals in the stories. I just meant I enjoy reading about their criminal exploits.

  9. The teenagers were girls. One posted she didn’t want him to go to jail. He plead out and received probation. He violated some of the terms and THEN was sent to prison. He fucked his own shit up.

  10. yes but the system is designed so that one fails. Wake up America and leave the hot white trash alone!

  11. I find it odd there is so much sympathy and understanding for him, but pure hatred for Mike Dozer. No one has even demanded Sean Cody take down his videos.
    To be clear, I’m anti pedo no matter what. Even if the girls where four years younger, they were under 18. Plus the idea that the sex was consensual with both girls, because one allegedly didn’t want him to go to jail (apparently the other one did so, not so innocent on that count) plus the more recent assault, he’s not a victim of the system; but the reason the system is in place.
    Lynch the gay offender, excuse the “straight” one seems to be the norm in gay porn judgement these days. Very odd. Both should be in jail.

  12. Well at least I can say that, at SeanCody, this is the exception, and not the rule. Unlike most other porn studios, where a criminal record is pretty much a pre-requisite for getting any work there.

  13. Alias74, for most habitual criminals, their record looks like a step ladder–They start off with minor offenses and then graduate to big boy felonies and shocking crimes, like sexual assault.
    Someone with a litany of misdemeanors, drugs, etc is not necessarily a higher class of person than someone with a sexual assault on their record.
    Once you’ve become acclimated to seeing a jail cell on a regular basis, you’ll eventually end up there for a multitude of reasons.

  14. I’m sure the same people making excuses for Dozer make excuses for this guy.
    I don’t think there is a gay bias here. Most of us agree both should be in jail.

  15. Well it wasn’t designed so he would beat up a woman and steal her keys…he made that choice.

  16. It’s a little different. According to the reports, this guy was 18 and the girls were 3 or 4 years younger. With Dozer, it’s a difference of about 20 years in age, meaning Dozer was an adult for quite a few years and in a markedly different stage of life than the boys he had sex with.

  17. It’s a bit surprising because he always seemed so sweet. That said, he was quite intense when he was horny. I always appreciated his scenes, and used to long for SC to bring him back. Perhaps this is a reason why they did not. It’s just such a shame.

  18. Wow. Reminds me a lot of the guys on a segment of “MTV’s True Life: I’m a Sex Offender.” One guy was a registered sex offender because he dated this younger girl when he was 18 and they filmed themselves having sex. When he dumped her for being to clingy, she took the videos to the police. Now that’s just messed up considering it was consensual and the girl was not forced. Another guy was a registered sex offender because his ex’s parents didn’t like him and turned him in to the police. Both of them are no longer sex offenders.

  19. Yes, that’s him and I don’t know how to show you the pic because I would have to give you his real name.

  20. I am surprised that no journalist picked up on the whole gay porn part of his life…they’d probably crucify him if they did!

  21. I don’t understand why you ask to not release porn stars real names in some instances (Jamie, SC), but leave it up for something like this. Judgmental much?

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