16 thoughts on “Hot or not? Socks & shoes at Hot House

  1. Not hot. To me it’s about as sexy seeing a fat guy in speedos wearing black socks and dress shoes on a beach. Ewwww… I love to see guys feet , but I don ‘t have any fetish for feet, If you are going to fuck , go all the way, including the shoes .

  2. I don’t think wearing or not wearing socks/shoes has much of an effect on the hotness of a video. The hotness is caused by what the models look like and what they are doing.

  3. I like total nudity when I watch sex videos. Sometimes I think a guy looks hot in just white socks.

  4. I’d rather see socks and shoes than the dirty soles of someone’s feet (which I’ve seen enough of in porn).

  5. Dirty feet are easily taken care of by these 2 things called soap and water. Its shouldn’t be a big deal to have a simple washcloth on hand while a scene is being shot. Wearing socks and or shoes, sneakers, boots, clogs, cleats, curled toe genie slippers, roller blades or any other footwear on while having sex is incredibly stupid and a major turn off (in porn and real life). It makes about as much sense to wear mittens (did I just start a thing?).

  6. Doing a scene with a model wearing clogs certainly would get attention from the blogs.

  7. As a bare foot lover, I’m totally turned off by guys who wear any kind of socks or shoes/boots in porn!

  8. Well I take my name from the fact I’m turned on by guys in sneakers. But it’s definitely a niche fetish. Foot fetishists are far more numerous.

  9. I wanna see the men totally naked. Maybe I’ll tolerate a top with his shoes and socks on, but the bottom had better be totally naked.

  10. Hot House Entertainment are getting a little long in the tooth with this old schtick of getting it’s performers in “sports gear” having sex.
    Yeah it was hot at first but they’ve played this fantasy out too much and now it’s just plain boring, Time to find something different guys.

  11. Dirty, sweaty white crew socks make my dick hard as a rock. So do work boots (with socks). Put them on a muscle model & I never stop cumming…

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