More work as a model for Trey of Corbin Fisher (tip @ Alias74)

Last year, I did post that Trey was on the cover of Rooster magazine for the September 2013 issue.


This year, he had three hardcore scenes released by Corbin Fisher.


He is still getting jobs a model. He was one of the faces of Flip Belt.


Would you buy one just because of Trey?

14 thoughts on “More work as a model for Trey of Corbin Fisher (tip @ Alias74)

  1. Thank GOD that not only is the female’s identity obscured, but almost her entire body….her remaining parts, a hand, both calves, ankles and shoed feet are T totally gonna make me blow chunks all over myself. OMG!

  2. He is far done with CF at his most recent facebook updates implies, he was a great performer, but the thing i loved the most that he is truly bisexual, according to his facebook and other social media 😀

  3. He’s a hot guy and performer. I forgive him for that awful scenester haircut he sported for a while because he’s a magnificent bottom. Sexy otter.

  4. Trey’s been my fave CF model for some time now. Too bad he hasn’t been in anything lately….

  5. I agree fully with Eddie,….”YES” on TREY and “NO” on the belt.
    Now if TREY was modeling Underwears…it would definitely be YES YES YES. LOL!!

  6. HEY!!!! I bought that fucking FlipBelt and it’s perfect for the gym!!!!!
    Meanwhile: Trey is a legend…I do like that he notes he’s bi but I gotta say: for a bi guy, he sure went limp A LOT in his videos. Also at times his giggly demeanor was a boner kill, but his sheer energy and over the top enthusiasm is what made him a great performer…despite the shortcomings.
    And all you who have ever commented about his mole and went all Austin Powers on him…shame on you. (that includes me, by the way).

  7. Love Trey. One of my all time favorite CF models. Totally sexy guy and a great performer. I especially loved watching him bottom.

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