REVIEW on CF’s Jacob & Kellan tag Brayden by Alias74


OVERALL IMPRESSION: Hovering somewhere between "Not aggressive or kinky enough" and "Not soft enough to be a boyfriend experience", Corbin Fisher's newest tag team clip – showcasing blond god Jacob and aber-zombie Kellan using bottom-boy, elvish Brayden – is a misbegotten hard-core exercise and one woeful reminder of the past magic of the "Tag Team" clips of yore. Individually, each one of these performers has done stellar before, and the combination should have been electric….so what went wrong? Well, for starters, everyone seems to be holding back: in my opinion, past CF tag team clips were all about the aggressive-ness of the tops essentially "taking"/using the bottom who often surrended to the pleasure/pain aspect of getting "tagged". Here though, we get treated to faux facefucking in the oral portion (they are literally just resting their hands on Brayden's head), robotic, lifeless actual fucking (Jacob and Kellan for most of the clip seem to only put half of their prodigious cocks in Brayden), and chopped up, disjointed editing that breaks up the momentum, giving off a collective "play-acting"/"going through the motions" vibe to the entire encounter. And even the faux-kinky-ness of light spanking, toe-sucking, cock to cock hopping, and the rare triple money oral shot wherein all the performers get cum blasted into their mouths can't save the clip from ruin.



  • Nice unbroken oral sex portion wherein the camera floats and captures the performers macking and Brayden taking on two cocks. Watch for two awesome deep throats by Brayden with nary a gag or choke at minutes 7:45 and 8:43.


  • Foot fetishists rejoice – some brief, shortlived toe sucking at minute 10:16 and beyond.


  • TRIPLE ORAL CUM SHOTS! Everyone gets goo in the gob!!!!! Jacob gets the best (or worst depending) of it – see "Hottest Moments" below.


  • Scene MVP (by default – because let's be honest, they were ALL let-downs) Brayden hops from cock to cock all in one shot (and some featuring his wet, dripping hole) and generally gives us what makes Brayden so hot: grimaces, heavy breathing, goofy, geeky sex faces. LOVE YOU, DUDE!


  • Jacob's hair – comb-over / side part….whatever…I. CAN'T.
  • Total missed opportunity in the oral portion: Brayden pretty much just shallow sucks, licks, teases the cocks. There's barely any deep throat, gagging/choking, and ZERO sword-fighting in Brayden's mouth (i.e. two cocks in one mouth).
  • Choppy editing – Shots average about a minute with lots of intercutting and dissolve edits right into the action. Longer sustained takes would have given a better feel or momentum to the clip.
  • Re: The Triple Money Shots – While Brayden's money shot is handled well, Jacob and Kellan's simultaneous cum shot (J dumps right on Kellan's tongue while Kellan EXPLODES all over Brayden's face) is effectively ruined by the inability of TWO cameras to frame and cover the action properly. In fact, you barely see Kellan's cum shot because of the angles (even the B camera misses it which is your backup coverage. Sad).
  • The second time Brayden goes cock-hopping, he stands up from Kellan's cock and as he moves to Jacob, Brayden does a full standing turn in a circle on the bed before sitting on Jacob's cock. WTF?????


  • Minutes 15:34 to 17:06 (the longest unbroken take in the clip) – Brayden goes from sitting on Jacob's cock to standing up and plunking right down on Kellan's cock all in one shot.


  • At 16:46 and beyond – Brayden makes the hottest sex faces and sounds – that’s why I live this guy: he emotes and projects EVERY feeling throughout his body!!!! Kellan hitting it right!
  • LISTEN AND WATCH AT 20:03 (and the replay ) as Jacob clearly gets a blast into his mouth of sweet man-juice and starts to gag loudly, replete with awesomely strained neck cords. Guess Brayden shot DEEP into that gullet! HOT!

25 thoughts on “REVIEW on CF’s Jacob & Kellan tag Brayden by Alias74

  1. Again, another sign of the decline at CF. This group checked out around late 2014. I use to like this studio, but wtf? They really lost their mojo. Anyone got any idea why ?

  2. Damn – I usually agree with you and haven’t had a chance to view this scene yet! I am totally into Brayden – he is cute, a great performer and he clearly loves the dick! I have never been a big fan of either Kellan or Jacob but was hoping that Brayden could save the scene – oh well. Thanks for the detailed review!

  3. I’d also add that the moaning and groaning was way over-the-top, the lighting was uneven, the guys were continually looking off camera at “something,” there were unknown background noises throughout the first part of the video and one of the cumshots looked fake.

  4. That’s easy. The departure of behind-the-scenes-guy Chip and the one that carried the site for years – Dawson.

  5. Fully AGREE with “oub”. Chip was a huge asset to CF..and much of the diversification we’ve enjoyed in 2012/2013.

  6. Hmmmm….gonna have to go back and watch. I really really study these things and completely missed them looking off camera, also didn’t notice background noises and all the cumshots looked REAL to me.
    Are we talking about the same clip?

  7. So good to see real reviews rather than the cheerleading/promotion for everything the pay-sites do, which is what you now get on all of the other blogs.I LOL when I see them trying to hype another scene where Jimmy Durano tops or another poorly filmed scene from Gayhoopla. Thanks for keeping it honest here.

  8. My mistake, Alias74. I reviewed the clip a second time and realized the moaning and groaning WASN’T way over the top, the lighting WASN’T uneven, the guys were NOT continually looking off camera at “something,” there was NO unknown background noises throughout the first part of the video and NONE of the cumshots looked fake.
    Sorry about that.

  9. Anyone know whether Trey and Smith have also left for good now? They were the hottest models at CF.

  10. It’s sad times for CF when even pathetic straight-worshippers like Alias are attacking them

  11. I guess I’m just generally burned out on all the sites. For a long time I was like a kid in a candy store, but over the years it’s all rather boring.

  12. Well said! Never forget that porn is a big industry that has been very lucrative thanks to the internet. But the medium that made it so lucrative is now making it less so and a transformation is underway.

  13. CF was for a long time my favorite site. I don’t know what happened in the past year. I was so looking forward to this scene till you reviewed it. Physically I find Kellan to be so perfectly yummy and cuddly. I was hoping this would be a good showcase for him. I miss Travis, Dawson, Conner, Aiden, Cain, Chandler…..

  14. Yeah, it makes you wonder if and Gayhoopla actually benefit from such efforts. Their ads and other promotional materials run in places that are quite ironic actually. Anyway, I didn’t like this scene from CF.

  15. CF has been dead to me for a while now . They haven’t had a decent top since….Dru and after that i ONLY tuned in for when Aiden bottomed (good performer) or when Cain bottomed…I only like the bottoms and Cain was just good loooking. Didn’t have the preformence of Aiden tho.

  16. I was very hopeful since it featured three models who are ‘staight-ish’ as opposed strictly gay4pay. And I don’t think it’s all that terrible as described above.
    Those early 3-somes — Nick, Dave, and Lucas spring to mind immediately — were so hot because they were so novel! While they set a high standard, I think part of the problem is that we’ve gotten kind of jaded.

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