9 thoughts on “Czech Hunter #155 is Elen Milek of Str8 Hell (tip @ Dutch Dude)

  1. something mustve happened to bigdaddydotcom because theres no updates after 16th of august

  2. “I won’t be suprised to see him next at Big Daddy.”
    Why say that?
    This boy is gorgeous!!!!

  3. Yup, he is, not always but in a good number of scenes. When it’s not him it is usually Georgio Black. There might also be a third guy, not sure.

  4. I recently realised that there are scenes where Denis is doing the talking and perhaps the camerawork but it’s Giorgio doing the fucking – Denis speaks better/more English than Giorgio.

  5. yeah you are right, and I realise this post is old but are their any other vids of Elen Milek? There are no records of his vids as he probably changes his porn name

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