The end of condom scenes at Belami Online is near

I am not sure if I understood it right but Belami Online said this in an email they recently sent to affiliates "You might have noticed that as we near the end of our Condom Archive scenes that they just keep getting better and better."

Does this mean Belami Online already stopped filming condom scenes? The last condom scene released was just a few days ago with Jack Harrer and Julien Hussey.


If true, are you happy or sad that condom scenes are now a thing of the past at Belami Online?

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  1. There’s probably no studio that has a longer gap between production and release than BA. They obscure this by not dating their online videos. (Compare this with Chaosmen where every online scene has a precise production date stated). And BA tend to release scenes out of production sequence. I suspect that they stopped filming condom scenes several years ago. It’s only now that they have just about cleared the backlog of these scenes.

  2. If they’ve stopped filming condom scenes ages ago, these scenes should’ve been released then not now. It’s probably annoying the members there who are paying for bareback sex scenes.

  3. For me, it doesn’t really matter whether there is a condom or not, as long as the actors are hot, gorgeous face, body and dick 🙂

  4. You said it. I still think about when they showed that one model in a photoshoot back in 2012 only to tell us that it had been shot 8 years before. It’s been said that they are horribly unorganized and it’s very true. I actually have one of their videos featuring an interview with Jason Knightley and these guys actually lost Jason’s pictures and had to do his shoot all over again. Now, whether they do this intentionally or not is up to the viewer.

  5. This. I like both condom and BB scenes so I can’t understand this extreme prejudice towards condom scenes.
    And while I love Julien, I can’t believe how soft he was in this video. I mean, come on, you were in a scene with Jack Harrer. How the hell can you be soft???

  6. They do this to even out the releases/model appearances, just like all the other (online) studios, and that’s why they tend to release scenes of the same model around the same time.
    For one, models shoot their scenes in bulk (over the weekend or during a week’s stay) and some shoots are done on location (Africa, Australia, etc.) during a certain season, combine that with a badly organized crew, two distribution companies (because one refuses to release bareback content) and a complete re-release of their 20 year backlog onto their website scene by scene… They’re bound to piss some people off.

  7. Most BelAmi members want to see bareback scenes. There is a poll on the BelAmi forum which clearly shows this. George Duroy knows what BelAmi members want otherwise he would never have said that he would go out of business if he filmed only condom scenes.

  8. BelAmi stopped with filming condom scenes in 2011 except for Kris Evans. G Duroy gave him an ultimatum, you either start filming without condoms or you have to take a pay cut. Even their condomless scenes are not recent, they have to be at least e year old, you can tell this by their models physicality. Compare Adam Archuleta’s body in his most recent update with Rhys Jagger to his upcoming scene with Kris Evans and Jean-Daniel its a complete transformation. When BelAmi/G Duroy finds a model they like and the model is willing to shoot hardcore scenes
    they tend to shoot a lot of scenes in a short period of time. So if the model decides to stop working for them they have something to fall back on. Everybody thinks Rhys Jagger and Mark Ruffalo are new models but they have been working BelAmi for quite a while we just don’t know it yet. Both Rhys and Mark have already shot over 20 scenes for BelAmi (this according to G. Duroy himself on the BA forum) you can see Rhys Jagger the movie An American in Prague when he is working with Kris Evans. BelAmi is just very slow at releasing these scenes, which is frustrating. sorry for the long reply.

  9. Some really informative comments from Terry, Sing and her0des. Thank you. I’m excited by the prospect of all those scenes with the exquisite Rhys that are in the pipeline, although it will probably take years for them all to be released. No-one films bareback penetration better than BA. I just hope they don’t have to lower their production standards as the whole industry moves to much lower margins.

  10. You’re welcome. As for as i know Rhys Jagger started shooting with BelAmi in 2012 and so far they have only released 5 scenes with him so you’re probably right that it’s going take years before they are all released. It also tells you that these so called new models aren’t as new as BelAmi would like us to believe.

  11. Men of Porn has the coolest, most well informed commenters.
    Thank you, all!!!!
    PS So thankful that the vitriol and fan-girling on Queer Me Now and Waybig is for the most part absent here.

  12. Your’e exactly right. Apparently Dario Dolce and Sascha Chaykin don’t work for BelAmi anymore but i am pretty sure George Duroy has plenty of unreleased footage of them both.

  13. Condoms in porn is like swimming in a tuxedo. Yeah you get wet but it doesn’t feel the same and looks silly.

  14. Archive typically means historical as in long ago not recently shot scenes.
    Either way it is still euro porn which I don’t really care for since they usually don’t speak English and the guys are all the same skinny boys.

  15. The reason why BelAmi films so many scenes before introducing an exclusive model is that BA is very afraid that negative reactions of family and friends will result in the model leaving BelAmi/gay porn. So that’s why BA starts releasing scenes only after it has a certain number of scenes on the shelf. In the Czech Republic BelAmi (and many other gay porn studios) can’t be accessed by the public because studios want to protect its models from being recognized. But in the internet age this strategy doesn’t work anymore. So BA films a lot of scenes with a model and hopes that after releasing his first scene he will keep working for them. And when not then BA will always have those 10+ scenes on the shelf.
    Some months ago BA did release some scenes that were shot not long in advance. But this were scenes with models that had done work for other studios (Scene with Luky Svit, Honza Onus and Ivan Mraz)

  16. I argee with your comment Waybig is far to bitchy and personal particularly with the Sean Cody Models.

  17. I thought the language of gay sex was universal … how naive of me! And I wouldn’t call Kris Evans, Arny Donan or Ondra Matej skinny boys.

  18. Don’t care. European BB porn is boring, repetitive and full of people with identical physical features, American BB porn is either full of disinterested G4P guys (mainstream studios) or nasty diseased guys with lipoatrophy and a generally beat-up appearance (TIM, HDK, etc.).

  19. Large, sleazy orgies/gangbangs + healthy looking men + gay guys who are interested in each other + some kind of variation in both the appearance of the models and what they do (generic groaning is so boring and off-putting) = perfect for me.

  20. I don’t get their way of working. This was obviously filmed ages ago, since both Julien Hussey and Jack Harrer have looked considerably better in their bareback scenes.

  21. WHAT? As a guy who likes Men Of Porn, I think there are more negative and nasty comments posted here than on WayBig. There are several Gay4Pay haters who endlessly post their mean spirited comments and god forbid you should post pro condom comments, there are several posters who will try to tear you a new one. This does not happen on Waybig.

  22. I always check out Bel Ami’s pictures and have followed them for years. Hot guys and fantastic cum shots. However at times but bland performance what I call porn by numbers and the non dating of thier videos is really annoying. I have join the site a few times ov the years and its really dificult to tell which are thier old or new films which is apain in the arse. Saying that though the quality is relly excellent and the forum is good.

  23. When bottoming, I can’t tell if the top has a condom on or not, sensation is the same. When topping I experience a little less sensation, but its a small price to pay, for the peace of mind I get from playing safe. In neither case does it look silly.

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