The first of the four Halloween themed scenes from Pride Studios was just released titled “Did You Hear That”.


It’s Halloween night and Andrew is scared shitless as he snuggles up to Brett during a horror movie. Scared and not wanting to go home Andrew stays the night.


They both head to the bedroom for the real excitement. As they are passionately kissing Andrew hears something in the closet but Brett blows it off. There is a lurker in the closet watching closely as the two fuck and suck on this ghostly night.


Andrew is on edge and from time to time he can hear noises coming from the closet but Brett continues to blow it off and mainly is focused on Andrew’s hot ass.


The two continue to build up their cum for a final conclusion and once Andrew blows his load they think all is quiet but after the panting as subsided they both hear a loud noise from the closet. They are confused and highly afraid, and when the lurker comes jumping out from the closet the two boys scream at the top of their young lungs.